September 29, 2011

Seven Weeks and Counting

A little less than seven weeks to go until our due date. How crazy is that? I still have a million things to do before our little girl arrives and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Definitely thankful that my mom will be in town this weekend to help. Also excited for my last baby shower here in Nashville with my close girlfriends. Lots of fun things coming up.

While Todd and I have been super busy traveling, working, getting the house ready for a new baby, etc., we have decided to be really intentional about our time together these next few weeks. Every weekend from now until the big day, we're having a brunch date. There's just something different about going to brunch rather than going out for dinner. We take our time. We sip our coffee (or in my case last weekend, a perfect cup of decaf Earl Gray with milk and honey). We have great conversation and ease into our day.

One of my hesitations about starting a family in the first place was losing my one-on-one time with Todd, but I think being intentional before the baby gets here will help when our little girl arrives. I think one of the most important things we can do for her is honor our marriage and our commitment to each other. I want our daughter to seek a marriage like the one she grew up around. It's a huge responsibility, but it's a challenge I will gladly take.

To make things a bit interesting, we're going to a different place for brunch every weekend. This past weekend we kicked things off at Marcia's Patisserie in Downtown Franklin. It's a bit pricey for breakfast (especially when they serve the same coffee that is available in my office), but the food was good and the atmosphere is great. Lots of outdoor seating.

I turn 29 on Saturday. Brunch will be a great way to celebrate. I can't believe this will be my last year in my twenties! But, I'll be spending the year with my new daughter. Can't think of a better way to end this decade.

Wrapping up 33 weeks this week. Baby girl is now nearly 4 pounds and around 17 inches long. She is definitely making herself known. I don't even concern myself with counting kicks like the books recommend. She moves so much that I sometimes enjoy the break when she's asleep. We might really have our hands full when she gets here!

September 26, 2011

Maternity Photo Session

First, I apologize for the repeat information. If you follow me on Facebook, you have most likely seen some of the photos from our maternity photo session a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I would showcase them on the blog too.

Our friend Christian did an incredible job of capturing the day for us. I have to admit, I almost backed out of having our pictures taken altogether. The morning of the shoot I woke up cranky, tired and with a horrible attitude. We had been going a million miles an hour with baby showers and visiting family, and I was having a really bad "poor me" day. I felt huge, and didn't want to spend the day capturing how horrible I felt I looked. I'll  blame it on the hormones. Thankfully I snapped out of it, and I'm so glad I did. Christian could obviously read my mind and really focused on the fact that I'm carrying a miracle inside of me and not on my chubby cheeks. It's pretty great to have a photographer that "gets it." I'm so happy with how our photos turned out. The memories from that day will last a lifetime. 

What really made the day special was when Christian explained to us that many couples don't feel comfortable together getting photos taken. I get that. It's always awkward having a camera in your face, but he said Todd and I were just so naturally comfortable around each other. It was such a special reminder that not only is God blessing me with an amazing little girl, but that I get to raise her with my best friend in the entire world. There is nobody I'm more comfortable around. I'm more comfortable in my own skin when Todd is around. I really, really love that boy.

So, if you're up for seeing our photos again, here you go!

Such a special day...and the rain made it even better!

September 11, 2011

29 Weeks

It has been a bit crazy in the Stepp house. Last weekend we made a quick trip to Missouri to celebrate two special people who both turned 50 - my dad and Todd's mom. Their birthdays are three days apart which makes it easy on us! Traveling was a bit more difficult than in trips past. On our way home, I was incredibly uncomfortable. I don't know if it was the baby's position or just stomach pain, but at one point we had to pull over and I got on my hands and knees in a parking lot to relieve pressure off of my upper belly. It made me a little nervous, but thankfully the pressure went away and I haven't felt anything like it since. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

We returned and I had one evening at home before taking my last work trip before the baby comes. It's becoming very surreal that we are in the final stretch of this pregnancy. It becomes more real when I say things like, "my last work trip."  The biggest conference in my industry is in Orlando at Walt Disney World every year. I figured if I had to travel one last time, why not make it the "most magical place on earth?" It was great to see colleagues and friends from radio stations I have made over the years. Everyone seemed so genuinely excited for me and offered wonderful pieces of advice. 

While in Orlando I got the chance to see a dear friend from college, Lara, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding. She is due with her little girl next week. I'm sure we were pretty entertaining to watch. Just figuring out how to hug each other with our huge bellies was funny enough! I'm so thankful I got the chance to spend time with her before we both become mothers.

I haven't been great at taking photos of myself. I've been super self-conscious about my weight gain, which I know is silly. But to be honest, the weight just keeps on coming. I've actually already gained the amount I wanted to gain during the entire pregnancy and I have 9 weeks to go! But, I'm going to suck it up. Todd and I have a maternity photo session scheduled for next weekend and I'm sure the photos will be amazing. A good friend and photographer has agreed to take them. Christian (you have to check out his work) was actually my first "boyfriend" in the 5th grade. I thought I was going to marry him. I was ten. But it is pretty funny to think about. My first boyfriend will be taking pictures of me and my husband and our soon-to-be first child!

Crosbi is doing great. She weighs about three pounds and is nearly 16 inches long. She's getting really strong! I think I'm enjoying her kicks more now than I have the entire pregnancy. Can't wait to meet our little girl!

*I'm technically 30 weeks now (almost 31) for those keeping count. I'm just behind on the blog. I'll catch up soon!