December 29, 2011

Christmas in the Ozarks

Crosbi has been enjoying her first Christmas with family in Missouri. As I write this we're soaking in a little quiet time, just the two of us. She has met so many people over the past few days and while she's been a trooper, she has been a bit overwhelmed. So has her mama. I'm finally able to take a few deep breaths, look through some pictures and get back to my blog. It only took us getting to the last day of our trip for it to feel like a vacation, but that's okay. C is loved by so many people who just couldn't wait to see her. She is one blessed little girl.

Since we arrived in Missouri last Friday afternoon, Crosbi has spent lots of time with family.

She cuddled with Grandpa Dave and loved when he got out his guitar to sing songs to her. She especially likes Jesus Loves Me.

She met her Uncle Drew for the first time. It's so crazy that my 17 year old brother is an uncle, but he's a pretty great one. I have a feeling he and Crosbi are going to be buddies.


She also met her great grandparents for the first time.

Grandma Jo couldn't believe she already weighs more than 10 pounds!

She met her cousin Emerson. These two are going to be partners in crime.

She opened lots of gifts. So many that they won't all fit in the car.


But her favorite time was spent lounging in her slippers taking nap after nap, after nap.



Christmas will never be the same!

December 15, 2011

Three Weeks

It's hard to believe my little girl has been in my life for three weeks. She continues to amaze me every single day. I have been unbelievably blessed. Crosbi is such a happy baby. At her last doctor's appointment, her doctor said to me, "What a relaxed baby!" I told my dad this and he said she obviously doesn't get that from me. It's true. She's just like her daddy in the best ways.

She's sleeping great too. Last night she slept for six hours, ate and fell asleep for another two and a half hours. How did we get so lucky? Even if she were waking up more frequently during the night, I couldn't complain. She never cries, just squeaks a bit until I make my way to her. The expression on her face when she first wakes up is my absolute favorite. I may be half asleep, but when I look at her I immediately perk up, kiss her sweet face and thank God for the incredible gift He has given me. One thing about late night feedings, it allows lots of good prayer time, and for that I'm thankful. Speaking of prayers, Allison gave me the best book: Prayers for New Mothers. I cry every time I read it, but it's so spot on for where I am right now. I can't recommend it enough.

As amazing as Crosbi is, there are a few things that I'm still trying to get used to. I wish I would have known how difficult nursing would be. Labor was a breeze compared to breastfeeding! I'm determined not to give up. We will get it figured out. I love being needed so much by my sweet girl and I know how good it is for her. Sooner or later we'll get it together.

Leaving the house is tough too. Todd and I attempted to get some Christmas shopping done last night. We made it to one store before I called it quits. I was exhausted, Crosbi was hungry. It was a bit crazy. I'll be so glad when she's on a better schedule so that I can leave the house more often. I'm feeling a bit trapped in the four walls of our home, but I know this will pass and I don't want to wish away this time with my girl.

Next week we head to Missouri for Christmas. Prayers are definitely appreciated! We need to survive a 14-16 round trip car ride and our efforts to give the grandparents equal time with Crosbi could get ugly. I've never been this nervous about a trip. A drama free Christmas is all I'm asking for this year.

I'll be back with C's one month update, and as we get into a better routine, I'll try to not make this blog "mommy central." Right now being mommy is a 24-hour job, but I don't want to lose the old me. We'll get it sorted out eventually!

December 5, 2011

Big Day Out

My mom went home yesterday and Todd went back to work this morning. Needless to say, my morning started with a lot of tears. But Crosbi and I are doing great so far. It's not even 11am and I have a fed, napping baby and I'm showered and dressed for the day. Not a bad start. We're just both missing Todd like crazy.

Before my mom left, we went out on our first family outing. I had been wanting to go to the Porter Flea for months and had hoped it would be my first big trip out of the house. I'm glad we made it. We scrambled to pack Crosbi's bag and jump in the car, knowing the nearly hour round trip drive would take a big chunk of our time and C may not make it too long. Thankfully she proved us wrong. She did great in the car and slept the entire time we were out shopping. She definitely calmed any fears I had of getting out of the house with her. Once we get her in a better routine, we'll be out and about a lot.

A few photos from our trip to East Nashville:

Crosbi might have slept the entire time, but we were more than okay with that!

We're heading out soon for our first trip just the two of us. C has a doctor's appointment to check if she's gaining enough weight. The rain is pouring outside, making me a little nervous. Wish us luck!

*Update: I rescheduled the appointment. It's storming like crazy here. Not ideal for my first trip alone with my little girl. We'll try again tomorrow!

December 2, 2011

What I've Learned (Week 1)

For someone who didn't have a whole lot of experience with babies, this past week I've taken a crash course in Babies 101 and my confidence is growing. Crosbi and I had an immediate connection and she has given me so much patience as I learn the ins and outs of being a mommy. While this past week has been filled with lots of rest, healing and cuddles with my sweet little girl, I've learned a few things along the way.

For instance, I learned a "Sitz Bath" is literally just a bath that you sit in. I would be lying if I said I didn't look for a box of Sitz at Walgreens. Thankfully I was in a hurry or I would have definitely asked the cashier where the Sitz was located. I'm so glad my wonderful nurse at the hospital filled me in. Who knew?

I invested in some great baby products. A few have made this past week so much easier than it could have been.

If you're a friend of mine, and you invite me to your baby shower, I'm probably going to buy you a Miracle Blanket whether you registered for it or not. Once Crosbi is swaddled in her MB, she is sound asleep. Twice she has slept five hours straight during the night. Not too bad for a twelve day old baby! This blanket definitely lives up to its name.

The Simplisse Gia Nursing Pillow has been great too. I was going to get a Boppy, but I did a lot of research and found so many great reviews on the Simplisse. It's angled design keeps Crosbi's head inclined so that I don't have to lift her head with my hands. She seems to love it.

The Itzbeen Timer has lived up to its hype as well. I'm not really sure what I would do without it. If you were to ask me the last time Crosbi has been fed or changed I would probably look at you with a blank stare. It has been so great to just look at this little timer and be reminded. Although, the reminders seem to get closer and closer together. I'll take a glance at the timer and think, "What? It's already time for her to eat again?"

More than anything, I have learned what nobody could have ever told much I would fall in love with my little girl. I wasn't prepared to feel love like this. I look at her and my heart hurts. When I put her down at night, I instantly miss her. I don't want a minute to pass that I'm not with her. Everyone tried to explain this to me, but until I met her, I could never understand. She is my world. My fears of losing time with Todd have vanished. I see him when I look at her. My heart is overflowing and I thank God for this new place he has brought us. I'm so undeserving of joy like this. But I will praise Him and offer my thanks by loving the two angels He has given me well.

Alright, I need to stop before I can't see the screen through my tears. Plus I'm sure the Itzbeen Timer will be reminding me how hungry my daughter is soon!