December 1, 2013

My Baby Is Two

The days are long, but the years are short. Oh, how true that is. On November 23rd we celebrated Crosbi's second birthday with family in Missouri. I have such vivid memories of bringing her home from the hospital that I just can't believe it has been two years since she came into our lives. In some ways it feels like we just met her, but it also feels like she has been a part of us forever. Either way, I can't imagine life without her.

At two, Crosbi is really becoming her own little person. She's extremely independent, but has the sweetest spirit. She's quick to tell us she can do something by herself - "Cobby do it." But she's just as quick to ask for a "goop" (group) hug. Melt my heart. She throws one heck of a tantrum, but she often says I love you and I'm sorry unprompted, making the meltdowns a bit more bearable. 

Crosbi is talking up a storm. Todd and I have conversations with her about her day, her family, and her favorite toys and books. The girl loves to sing. She has quite the catalog of songs these days. I can't think of anything sweeter than hearing her sing Jesus Loves Me, Deep and Wide, and Twinkle Twinkle

At two she can name all of her ABCs and numbers 0-9 and counts to fourteen (which she sometimes refers to as one-teen). She is loving preschool. She tells me all about her friends (especially Adomas and Jacob - really hoping she makes friends with other little girls soon!) and her teacher jokingly told me that Crosbi could teach the class. It's already looking like she'll have a passion for school and learning like I did. 

Not every day is a good day. The terrible terrific twos are in full swing, but we're finding our rhythm. I couldn't be more thankful for such a funny, loving, vibrant little girl who I am so blessed to call mine.

Happy birthday my sweet Crosbi!

November 10, 2013

Here & There

In the three months since my last post, we've been just a tiny bit busy. In fact, this is the first weekend in months that we have had a completely free weekend at home. We are soaking it in. Today has been filled with breakfast as a family (even tried a new recipe), a walk to the park, and lots of reading - we pulled out the Christmas books from the attic. I wish this was the start of a slower paced season, but we're ramping up for more travel and busyness. Thankfully it's the good kind.

In August we ended the month with trips to the local pool, splash pad, and zoo. Todd and I saw Matt Nathanson in concert, and we all traveled to North Carolina to spend Labor Day weekend with my mom.

In September Crosbi started preschool. She goes two days a week to a local church and as anxious as I was to enroll her, it has been the best thing for our family. I get time to focus on work and she gets to play with her new friends. Hearing her sing songs she has learned during the week is icing on the cake. Is there anything cuter than hearing a toddler sing Jesus Loves Me? Nope.

We celebrated Todd's 30th birthday and took a much needed family vacation to Captiva, Florida.

In October I turned 31 - meaning I can officially say I'm in my thirties. Ouch. Crosbi and I traveled to Colorado to see my bestie Jenn and her boys. My family visited for the annual Leiper's Fork Chili Cookoff. We wrapped up our first CSA season at the farm, and Crosbi was the cutest Titans Cheerleader you've ever seen for Halloween.

If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize for the repeat information, but I know many of my family members don't (hi Aunt Terry!) so I wanted to be sure to document our adventures here as well.

I'll be back soon with a birthday post. Crosbi turns two in less than two weeks! Excuse me while I go pretend this is not happening.


August 11, 2013

Barista Parlor

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up, see a picture posted on Instagram of someone's amazing breakfast and think, I want to have a breakfast like that? No? Maybe it's just us. We have so many great coffee shops (Barista Parlor being one of them) and restaurants in Nashville, but we just don't take advantage of them the way we should. As Crosbi gets older, we want to immerse her in the culture that is Nashville. Hoping to make early morning trips to the city like the one this morning a more regular occurrence.


August 7, 2013

Splash Pad

I've been wanting to take Crosbi to the splash pad at Cumberland Park since the first day of summer, but like it always tends to do, the summer got away from us. We finally made it this week and I'm kicking myself for not taking Crosbi sooner. Such a perfect little spot right in the heart of the city. It makes me want to ditch the suburbs to take full advantage of everything our city has to offer. Maybe one day.


July 20, 2013

Swan Creek

Just a short four-wheeler ride from Todd's parents and grandparents is Swan Creek. Todd has grown up on that creek and in the almost 15 years since we started dating, I've logged quite a few hours there as well. Our time is spent skipping rocks, roasting marshmallows, and sitting by a bonfire listening to Todd's Grandpa Joe tell stories we've all heard a hundred times but beg him to tell again.

Crosbi is finally old enough to really enjoy the creek. It's so fun watching her play in the water, splashing everywhere and getting anyone around her just as wet as she is. 

The light was perfect, so I grabbed my dslr. Some images just can't be captured by a phone. I may be a little biased, but I think these pictures of my girl are just the sweetest. I'm so thankful we have such a beautiful place to sneak away to when we visit family. Crosbi will make many memories on this little creek, I'm sure.


July 14, 2013

Missouri Summer

Crosbi and I are in Missouri this week. It was a little last minute, but we decided to take advantage of my flexible work schedule and hit the open road. This has been my longest non-holiday visit since moving away from my hometown nearly eight years ago. We are always in such a rush when we visit, it has been a wonderful change of pace to just relax, unwind, and immerse ourselves in a slower pace. People do things a little differently in the Ozarks - in the very best ways.

Our week has been filled with visits to the park, breakfasts on the back patio, dinners around the table, and so much more. I feel blessed and thankful that Crosbi is getting such invaluable quality time with my family, and soon with Todd's family when he joins us in a few days. 

While I could write more about our adventures, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


June 25, 2013

Final Stretch

We are nearing the end of Crosbi's cast wearing days. When the doctor said three weeks, it didn't sound so bad, but then we got into it and having a toddler with a cast is not easy. We're definitely ready for her to be able to get in water without tying plastic bags around her arm. And while we're excited for days spent at the pool, we're more ready for the ease of everyday activities like bath time.

Crosbi has been such a trooper and has handled her broken wrist like a champ. She has never complained about her cast. She'll occasionally say "off" and tug at her arm, but she's never gotten upset. I can't wait to celebrate the day the cast comes off. Until then, I want to remember this short season in her life. I know she'll tell her friends all about how she broke her arm when she was a baby. I'm sure she won't remember it, but it will still be a good story to tell. And what's a story without pictures? I have to snap them while I can. Crosbi's cast comes off next Monday. We can't wait. 

One more week and our summer really begins!