August 22, 2012

Crosbi: 8 Months

What a month! I feel like I'm barely staying afloat. I'm definitely struggling with time management these days. I really thought working part-time to stay home with Crosbi would allow me to be somewhat of a supermom. I'm learning that's not the case. Thankfully it just takes one sweet smile from my little girl to help melt the stress. These days I'm needing lots of those smiles!

Crosbi, where do I start? This month has been a big one.

*You spent most of the month visiting family. You were sure sad to see them go.
*You are pulling up and getting into everything! If you find anything with a knob or handle, you are into it.
*Not only are you pulling up, you are beginning to stand on your own for a few seconds at a time.
*Because you're pulling up and standing, this month has been full of bumps and bruises. It's not easy for me to see you hurt, even if it is part of the process.
*The baby gate went up this month.
*You adore books. I hope this means you will love to read as you grow. I can't wait for us to have our devotional time together and bookstore dates.
*You are really into hair. You have liked playing with my hair for a long time, especially when I'm nursing you, but now a sure sign that you're tired is when you start twirling your own hair.
*Still my champion eater, your favorites these days seem to be fish, mac & cheese and black beans.
*You are trying so hard to say a few words. We get the occasional mama and dada. There's nothing better than hearing your sweet voice!

I'm not sure how it's possible, but I fall more in love with you as each day passes.

August 10, 2012

Food & Family

They say when it rains it pours, and that seems to always be the case, but I'm learning that this saying doesn't have to be negative. It has been pouring around here, but we've been soaking in the best kind of rain. Cool, refreshing rain that you want to dance in. Rain that brings life. Rain that you wouldn't mind staying around awhile.

Since July 26th we have had family in our home. First my family, then Todd's. Our days have been busy and full and with all the craziness, they flew by. When I woke to a quiet house this week, it felt strange. Crosbi spent most of the day looking around, expecting someone to pop out and play with her. She had no shortage of playmates these past couple of weeks!

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures with my family. My dad is the proud owner of a new iPhone, so he and my Stepmom were the official photographers, but I got a few shots of our time together.

My parents came armed with new toys and books. Crosbi is definitely the center of attention these days.

It was great catching up with my sisters. We spent the evenings talking as we took long walks, burning enough calories to justify homemade cookie and ice cream sandwiches.

It's not a successful visit until we go to Mellow Mushroom. If my family is going to pick a must-visit restaurant, they picked a good one. Todd and I never turn down the House Special.

Shaye, my youngest sister had never had self-serve frozen yogurt (gasp!). I had to fix that immediately. Todd and I treated her to one of our favorites - Sweet Cece's.

Nine days later my parents returned home, just in time for Todd's family to arrive.

Stealing Papa's hat.

Crosbi showing Granny Sue (Crosbi's Great Grandmother) her toys.

Crosbi has developed a love for books. I can't think of anything that could make her Grandma more proud.

We are so spoiled when they visit. They love our daughter so well and it doesn't hurt that both grandmas are amazing cooks!

A little dish Todd's mom put together. Yum!

Life is slowly returning back to normal. We're enjoying a wonderful break in the heat, spending lots of time outside, and trying to rest before things get busy again later in the month. More on that soon!