June 28, 2012

Crosbi: 6 Months

Here we are at the halfway to a year mark. Actually, we're well past that. Crosbi is more than a week into her seventh month. I really want to blog more regularly, but I've been too busy spending time with my girl. She and I are really finding our groove and daily I'm reminded that leaving my career was God's best plan for us. I give her lots of time to play and explore our home and in return, she's pretty great about running errands and meeting friends with me.

She has such a sweet spirit about her. Mornings are my favorite. When I pick her up out of her crib, she'll typically let me hug her for a good minute or two before wanting to start the day. I can't get enough of her.

Six month stats:

*Sleeping has become really consistent. We no longer have those 11+ hour nights of sleep, but we're almost guaranteed a full ten hours. I try not to get too used to this since she's showing signs of teething.
*Weighing in at 20 pounds, 2.5 ounces and 28 inches long. Still in the 94-95 percentile for both height and weight. She's still outgrowing her clothes quicker than I can buy them. Good thing I like shopping for her!
*Eating like a champ. At this point she has tried several fruits and vegetables. She seems to be a big fan of apples, peas and sweet potatoes, but I try to mix it up as much as I can. 
*We're slowly introducing finger foods. She can eat puff cereal and has had little bites of tilapia and chicken.
*She's "this" close to crawling. She has figured out how to scoot around the house and can definitely make her way to the edge of our bed. No more letting her play on her own while I walk out of the room. It's looking like safety gates will be going up very soon.
*She's talking up a storm. She loves to say "num num num" when she's eating and while she can say "mama," I don't think she has realizes what she's saying yet, but I'll take it!

Just for fun I put together a little collage of Crosbi to see how she's changed these past few months. I can't get over how much she has changed in such a short time. It's hard to think that before the year ends I'll officially have a toddler. Yikes!

I sure do love that sweet girl.

June 21, 2012

Pinterest: It's What's for Dinner Part II

Pinterest has become my official cookbook. So much so, that I had to reorganize all of my pins. I deleted several recipes that looked amazing, but I knew I would never make. I don't have time for 20-ingredient recipes and I don't think mini cheesecake pans fit into the budget, so I purged some pins and what is left are recipes that stand a good chance of being made. I even created new categories for entrees, sweets and drinks. Thanks to Pinterest I'm actually spending a bit more time in the kitchen. Not as much as I should - we still have our fair share of takeout, but it's progress!

Below is part two of the recipes I have tried recently. Part one can be found here.

I know I made these, but I can't really remember what we thought of them. Obviously they weren't memorable enough to deserve a repeat. I do know that I used beef instead of turkey since we have organic beef from Todd's family farm. I also remember that I liked them a bit more than Todd did. I'm thinking they could have used a little extra "something" to give them more flavor. I've got a new stuffed pepper recipe from Trader Joe's that I will be making soon. We'll see how they compare.

The Pioneer Woman does it again! These are a staple in our house. I bet I've made them nearly a dozen times. Now that I'm growing my own rosemary, they're even easier (and cheaper). I could eat these weekly if not more. Yum!

Need an easy weeknight meal that doesn't require much thought? Here you go. Not the healthiest dinner in the world, but they're pretty tasty. As easy as they were, I think I prefer a classic french dip with "real" roast beef that has cooked for hours on crusty bread. It's unlikely I'll make these again.

Who on Pinterest hasn't made these? Super easy, really tasty, great for freezing, the list goes on and on. A good friend brought these over right after we brought Crosbi home from the hospital and they were delicious. I later made them for my family when they visited. Great when cooking for a large crowd. These will be in our rotation for sure.

I've been doing quite a bit of "cooking" for my little girl too. Who would have thought making baby food could be fun? It's so much easier than I thought it would be and I love knowing exactly what Crosbi is eating. Plus she's experiencing so many new textures when I make her food rather than the soupy texture in jarred baby food. It's really funny to see where my strengths are being used these days. Months ago I was called on to write marketing plans for Christian artists. Now my resume includes whipping up pureed peas and green beans. Crazy.

I'll be back soon with Crosbi's six-month recap once I pull myself together and come to terms with the fact that my baby is more than half way to being a one year old. I've got to soak in each day with my baby while she's still a baby!

June 7, 2012

Movin' Right Along

The other day the sun was flooding our hallway. It was the perfect spot to give Crosbi a chance to practice crawling.


Might need a bit more practice!