March 27, 2014

DIY :: Polka Dot Shoes

Buying shoes for a toddler might go on my list of of least favorite things to do. I "invested" in two "nice" pairs of shoes for Crosbi. Sadly, neither fit. Luckily she'll grow into them, but for now they sit in her closet because they fall off her feet when she walks.

I refuse to purchase more "nice" shoes in a smaller size because her toe is just at the edge. She'd wear them for a couple months if we're lucky. 

So what is a desperate mama to do? She heads to her closest Walmart to find some cheap shoes that fit until her daughter grows into the others.

Only problem? I didn't like any of the girls' shoes at Walmart! But instead of walking out frustrated, I took a pair that I actually really liked, that just happened to be in the boys section, and painted polka dots on them. Shoes for $5 that look cute and can be tossed when they don't fit in 3 weeks? I call that a win!


March 16, 2014

This Weekend

Todd's parents were in town this weekend and we really lucked out on having beautiful weather. We made the most of the short time they were here and packed in lots of fun (and way too much food). Todd's parents are true foodies and we explore the city meal by meal when they visit.

While Todd's family spent the day with Crosbi on Friday, I enjoyed some much needed time to myself. I kicked off the day with an exciting trip to the dentist (major sarcasm), but I was thrilled to find out I was cavity free. I hadn't been for a visit since before I found out I was pregnant. Yikes. So when the dentist told me my teeth looked great, I almost got out of my seat to hug him. I spent the rest of my day shopping in downtown Franklin, followed by coffee with a good friend. I love being a mom, but it's so nice to have some time to myself to recharge.

For dinner we had reason to celebrate. Todd's mom is 5 years cancer free. Such a blessing and answer to prayer. We decided to try a new Nashville hot spot (literally) at Hattie B's Hot Chicken. Oh my word. So good. On Saturday we fit in a trip to the farmer's market, one of my very favorite spots, and finally tried Mas Tacos. We'll definitely be back. 

We spent dinner that evening around our table enjoying fresh seafood we purchased at the farmer's market and enjoyed a night at home before Todd's family left this morning. Thankful that we'll see everyone again in just a few short weeks. 

Until then, you will find me at the gym. After this weekend, I'm not sure any of my jeans fit. 

Happy weekend.

March 11, 2014

Full House

This past weekend we were thrilled to have family visit. My dad, step-mom, little brother and sister chose to make our house their spring break destination and we feel pretty lucky that of all the places they could go, they chose to spend their vacation with us.

The weather was perfect. Lots of sun and warm temps gave us lots of opportunity to be outside. We celebrated both my sister and my step-mom's upcoming birthdays. We really had a great weekend and it was tough to see them leave. Now that Crosbi is older and fully understands who her family is, it makes visits from family bittersweet. When we said our goodbyes this morning, Crosbi held on to me and put her head down. As they drove away she said to me, "I so sad." Sweet girl. Thankfully Easter is just around the corner and we'll see them all again soon. 

Todd's family will arrive on Thursday and the fun begins all over again. Yay for spring break!


March 4, 2014

Art On A Budget

I've said it before, I love using fun apps to edit photos on my iPhone and Waterlogue is my new obsession. It turns your photos into watercolor paintings that you can share on social media, or in my case, enlarge and print to make new art for your bathroom when it needs an update and you're on a tight budget.

I used this original photo from our trip to Captiva, Florida last summer:

Then using Waterlogue, I turned it into this:

Eek! I just loved the way it turned out. 

Then, using my go-to site for printing pictures (Mpix), I had the photo enlarged to 11x14 and framed it in an oversized frame and hung it in our master bathroom.

VoilĂ ! There you have it.

Because I love playing on the app so much, here are a few more fun photos:

If you're family or a close friend, I'm warning you now that your very own Waterlogue print might make an appearance as a birthday or Christmas gift from me!