November 20, 2010

Digital Age

A great magazine is my favorite guilty pleasure. I don't buy things on impulse very often, but if I see a great deal for a magazine subscription, I take it. My current subscriptions include Southern Living, Better Homes & Garden, Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping, Cooking Light, and US. I know, ridiculous, right? I actually recently added a couple more (I traded in frequent flyer miles). But over the last few weeks I've decided to cut back. Not because I love the magazines any less, I just don't have time to read them. There are four unread magazines sitting on my kitchen table and I'm not exactly sure when I'll get to them. It is starting to feel like my investment in magazine subscriptions isn't really worth the money I pay for them. So as the subscriptions run out, I'm going to let them go.

However, I have a great backup plan up my sleeve. Another reason I have decided to cut back is because there are so many wonderful online-only magazines. I don't feel bad if I don't get to them right as they come out because they're not piling up reminding me how I'm wasting money. They are completely free! And although you can't hold them or tear out your favorite article, the quality is as good as any mag you will find in stores.

Since I know I have friends who love magazines as much as I do, I thought I would share my finds. If you get time over the holidays, curl up with your laptop or iPad and a warm drink and check these out! (Clicking on the title will take you directly to the site.)

1. Southern Flourish
    I have mentioned this one on my blog before, it's definitely at the top of my list.
    I think of it as "Southern Living for 20-30 somethings."

2. Rue
    Home Decor at it's finest.

3. Lonny
    Another great home decor magazine.
    This mag leans a bit more high-end for my taste, but it's a great go-to for new ideas.

4. Sweet Paul
    Great recipes and craft ideas. A new favorite!

5. Nesting Newbies
    Great for all things cooking, entertaining and decorating!

Those should keep you busy for awhile!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. awesome. I am as well a magazine reader. The only staple in my life is Real Simple. I love these. I will definitely check them out.