June 14, 2011

18 Weeks (Almost)

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and I'm definitely feeling it. My clothes are fitting tighter. It's becoming more uncomfortable to do normal things like getting into bed (our bed is on risers to make it taller, but they have to go!) or getting into my car. I've heard so many times that during pregnancy your body is not your own, and for the most part I understood that. I knew I would make more frequent trips to the bathroom, that I would be sharing space with my little one as they grow, that I wouldn't be able to control things like the occasional burp that slips out in mid-conversation, etc. But I didn't fully understand that my body would feel foreign. I feel like I'm borrowing someone else's body. The tightness in my belly and the widening of my hips make me feel like I'm trying on a new body and I'm just attempting to work out the kinks to feel like my normal self. Nothing could have prepared me for this. It's amazing and mind boggling at the same time!

Another adjustment: weight gain. I've gained 9 pounds in 18 weeks. I know I'm on a healthy pace. The books say that I should expect to gain a pound a week from now until week 40. If I can keep to that, I will have only gained 31 pounds, which is pretty much right on target. I'm not afraid to gain weight, but it is strange to see digits I've never seen on the scale before. I'm just glad I'm finally showing so that this weight gain is justified!

This isn't the best photo of me, but my mom called asking for a picture and knowing I would forget, I took a quick photo on Todd's phone before I got ready for bed one night this week. It's not too flattering, but I'm sure it will be fun to look at later. (The shadow from my arm makes my bump look a bit bigger than it actually is!)

Baby S is the size of a sweet potato this week. Seems like yesterday he/she was the size of a grape. Time flies!


  1. Pregnancy looks so great on you, Tara! Love hearing more about all that you're experiencing as Baby S keeps growing. Cute little sweet potato. <3

  2. You look beautiful!! Don't worry, you are doing great! I remember saying to my midwife in a freakout moment on the scale, "I've NEVER weighed this much before!" And she said, "Well, you've never carried a baby before!" :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Look at your cute, pregnant self! The baby bump is adorable and you look beautiful. So excited for you guys!!!

  4. Love the update! Can't wait for our lunch date tomorrow!!