April 21, 2013

Year Of The Park

Blogging has a been a struggle lately. I just haven't had much to say. Being a stay at home mom can feel a bit like Groundhog Day - everyday can feel just like the one before. It's easy to get bored. Although my husband would say only boring people get bored, so I should say it's easy to feel the need to mix it up, to add variety.

Crosbi and I have been doing that by hitting our local parks. Nashville has dozens of great parks, and it has become a bit of a mission to hit them all. It gets us both out of the house, on an exploration of sorts. She discovers new playgrounds, and I discover parts of the city I haven't spent much time in. It's a win. Sometimes our park visits include lunch dates with Todd or play dates with friends. Mostly it's just me and my girl. The joy on her face when she's swinging or going down a slide can easily be the best part of my day.

This age is so fun. Crosbi is talking like crazy, saying some of the sweetest things like "love you." But lately she is quick to say "outside" as soon as she wakes and when our backyard just doesn't cut it, off to the park we go.

Happy weekend!

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