March 11, 2009

A Quick Trip to Atlanta

Yesterday I left for a quick work trip to Atlanta. I was a little hesitant about going because of everything going on with Todd and his family. It just felt like bad timing to leave him. But God knew how much I needed the quick getaway and He had reasons for letting me escape for a little while (even if it was work-related). How foolish am I for forgetting his timing is perfect?

I rode down with two of my favorite coworkers, AJ and Matt and after a 4 hour van ride we arrived in Alpharetta to play Whirly Ball. If you're not familiar, it's bumper cars meets lacrosse. It was a blast. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. And I was pretty dang good at it if I say so myself! ;)

After working up a sweat (seriously, it was intense), we headed to dinner and then a showcase that evening. I fell in love with my job all over again last night. I am so blessed to work with such amazing artists. They have an ability to minister and encourage that blows me away. It's during difficult times that I'm reminded of the power of Christian music. When you're in the valley, the lyrics have a way of reaching out and grabbing you, a healing power almost.

When we found out that Todd's mom might be sick, I felt guilty. It was my goals and dreams that brought Todd and me to Nashville. My love for the music industry took an only child from his parents and he should be angry with me for being away from home at a time like this, right? Thankfully Todd's thoughts couldn't be further from my own (again, how crazy for me to turn this into my problem). He loves it here as much as I do. But I needed the trip to Atlanta to remind me that God called us here. I needed to remember that He opened the doors and He paved the way for us to be here. He called us to careers that minister to his people. It was so refreshing to "hear" that again. To know that God has His hand on our family and that we can trust Him to care for them while we live life here.

As we drove back into Nashville, I felt such a peace. I am comforted knowing that we are where we're supposed to be. I am confident that God is in complete control of our lives and the lives of our loved ones wherever they may be. I came back with my head held just a bit higher.

As I thought of Todd's mom and the battle we face, the words from "The Preistly Blessing" by John Waller ran through my head. It's that healing power I was talking about:

Lord bless us and keep us

Make your face to shine upon us

Raise your countenance on us

And give us peace...

**I'll have an update on Todd's mom very soon. Thanks to all for your prayers. We are so thankful for you!


  1. this is beautiful. what a great picture of marriage. - ash

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Tara. I love your writing, love hearing your heart.

    And I'm so glad you moved here.

  3. Loved reading this girl. And it's great when God is able to remind us just how amazing He is - because we all fail at remembering this daily. It's awesome that you DO get to be invovled with something you are so passionate about.

  4. I love all this Tara and how honest you were in your thoughts and just all that God showed you through the trip. So thankful you live here, too. :-)