March 29, 2009

Great Friends & Fruit Pizza

The month of April is going to be insane for us. Of the four weekends during the month, I will be gone three of them. I needed to feel a bit sane yesterday, so Todd and I stayed around the house all day tackling our lengthy to-do list.

I took a break and turned on the Food Network. If you're a little tense, Giada or the Barefoot Contessa have a way of putting you at ease. I think it's their calm voices - I have to fight to stay awake, but in a good way! While watching I got the urge to bake something and landed on a fruit pizza. After trying the fruit tartlet from Provence in Green Hills last weekend, I had the biggest craving for anything with fresh fruit and fruit pizza was close enough and super easy to make.

You start with a few ingredients:

Roll the sugar cookie out to form a pizza crust.

Bake the cookie dough and let it cool. Then just spread the cream cheese mixture and add fruit. Todd made smiley faces with the fruit as I sliced.

Let the pizza chill for an hour, glaze with apple jelly and you're done!

Knowing we wouldn't be able to eat it all ourselves, we invited the family over to help us!


  1. And it was delish!

    Thanks again for having us over. We love us some Stepps.

  2. mmmmm it was AMAZING! Thanks so much for having us all over - great to all be together <3