June 28, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a really wonderful weekend. Not that our weekends typically aren't wonderful, but this weekend was a special one.

Tonight our small group served at Safe Haven, a homeless shelter in Nashville that provides room and board for displaced families. After reading Crazy Love and really being encouraged to serve our neighbors, Allison found Safe Haven and scheduled a night for us to play with the children that are living there. It was such a special time. At one point I looked up at the sky and thought, "Lord, if you decide to take my life right this minute, I would be okay with that. I want you to find me serving your people." It was such an incredible time of fellowship and fun hanging with such amazing children. I can't wait to go back.

Allison serving ice cream.


The kiddos digging into their sweet treats.


Todd getting a new hair-do.


In other news, I made the cilantro-lime chicken recipe that I wrote about yesterday. Oh my goodness. Todd says it's in the top 5 best things I have ever made. I know, he's my husband and will love everything I make, but I'll take the compliment!

Check this out - how good does this look? I can tell you, it's pretty delicious! I also whipped up some blueberry lemonade. A perfect summer meal.


As for the cupcakes that I was going to take to our dinner with friends, I didn't go all out with the Smitten Kitchen recipe. I let Duncan Hines do most of the work, but with a little effort on the presentation, even a box mix can look good.


Hope everyone out in blogland had a great weekend!


  1. I love that you went and played with kids at Safe Haven. So incredible.

    And that chicken and those cupcakes look amazing! If you'd like a second opinion from someone other than your husband on how good it is, I guess I could probably be persuaded to taste it... ;)

  2. Maybe next time I'll wear Nike shorts and a t-shirt?


  3. those cupcakes look....delicious!!!!!!

  4. I love Safe Haven - it's a great ministry. Way to serve.