August 23, 2009

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

I'm about to begin a 7-city/5-day road trip in Texas. I'm normally pretty excited about work trips, but my job hasn't required me to be away from home for more than 2-3 days in over a year. I forgot how hard it was for me to leave the comforts of home and more importantly, my husband for days at a time.

The good news is that I will be on the road with Leeland, so I am confident that I will laugh a lot and be challenged spiritually. Leeland Mooring has been called "a modern day prophet." I feel pretty honored to tag alongside the band as they lead hundreds in worship this week. That alone makes it easier to pack my bags.

Now if I could just do something about the crazy, southern heat wave. It may not dip below 100 degrees the entire time I'm gone. I guess I'll make good use of my summer clothes one more time before putting them away!

Texas, here I come!



  1. Well lucky Texas, cause you look GREAT in your summer clothes!

    Hope this is a really fun adventure for you, and that you are able to enjoy yourself without being too lonely for Todd.

    [Hmmm, I may have to hook my sister up with you in Dallas so you can give Eddie and Sophia hugs for me by proxy.]

    Be safe. Hurry home, Sweetie.

  2. Hey Tara! Will you be in Austin? It would be fun to meet you! :)