August 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Huntsville, Alabama

Todd and I are home after a quick road-trip to Huntsville, Alabama. I know that doesn't sound very glamorous, but that was the point. We just wanted to get away for a night to recharge - no flights, no long hours in the car, no spending tons of money, just a night away for the two of us to do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing makes for the best weekends.

Several months ago I found this great little area of Huntsville in an issue of Southern Living. There I go again, mentioning that magazine! I was interested when they compared it to Venice (Italy) and Los Angeles. Really? Huntsville, Alabama? No way. I had to see for myself.

So Todd and I packed our things and headed south. On our way we stopped by the Unclaimed Baggage Center. I had never heard of this place. Todd's co-worker recommended that we check it out. It's a huge warehouse that is full of lost luggage. It's TJ Maxx on crack. Unfortunately Todd and I didn't find anything we couldn't live without. I almost bought a Tommy Hilfiger overnight bag for $15, but if you know me, I hate spending money, so I put it back.


We later arrived at our hotel, grabbed a delicious dinner and did a little shopping before the rain started pouring. It was great that our hotel was only steps from the mall.

We stayed here:


At a little over $100 a night, you can't go wrong. Our room was beautiful.

We ate here:


Ketchup is part of the Dolce Group, owned by Ashton Kutcher. Why he decided to invest in Huntsville is beyond me, but I'm not complaining. It's close to Nashville and the food was great.


I ordered the slider sampler - a mini kobe beef burger, a mini grilled tuna burger and a mini pork burger. So good. Obviously a restaurant named Ketchup is going to have plenty of the red stuff. The sampler above includes apple, bbq, traditional, chipotle and ranch flavored ketchup. I was digging the apple and chipotle. Todd was a big fan of the ranch.

We shopped here:


Oh Anthropologie, how I wish I made more money. I would buy one of everything in your store.


The Bridge Street Town Center in Huntsville is gorgeous. The mall offers gondola and paddle boat rides. This is why it gets its comparison to Venice. I've been to Italy, and it's definitely no Venice, but it does make for a great European-esque visit if you're looking for a fun place to stop in northern Alabama.

I'm thankful that Todd and I had the chance to sneak away together before I jet off to Denver this week. I cherish our times together because I know it won't always just be the two of us. But while it is, I try to be intentional about making the most of it.

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Hope your weekend was a relaxing one!


  1. This is beautiful! I would've never guessed anything like that existed in AL. Thanks for sharing! I hope it was exactly what you were hoping for and that it truely was a getaway. And you look beautiful! - Ash

  2. What a perfect little getaway weekend.

    Love that you two did this.

    So glad it was magical and perfect.

    (You look lovely in your pretty ruffled shirt.)

    [Not you, Todd.]

  3. I can't believe you were so close!!! Bridgestreet is where I do all of my shopping (not including groceries). Don't you just LOVE it?!? I also do photography there!! Glad ya'll had a great time. We should get together and meet if you come back sometime!

  4. looks like you guys had the perfect getaway, tara!! so great. :-)

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