February 15, 2010

10,000 Days and A Weekend Recap

Fun Fact: I am 10,000 days old today.

I know most people don't count the number of days they have been alive. I had never even thought about it until last week. Somehow Todd and I got in a conversation about the number of days old we were on our way into work. Todd had said he thought people reached 10,000 days during their 27th year. Since I'm 27 I thought it would be fun to check it out.

I found an online calculator and to my surprise, I was closer than I thought. So today I'm celebrating my 10,000th day at home with a warm cup of chai tea, watching the snow fall. How fortunate for me that this day fell on President's day so that I could enjoy the day off!

While I probably won't continue to track my life in days, it did get me thinking. I have been so blessed during my short time on this earth. This is the 10,000th day that God has graciously given me life and has filled it with so many good things. I hope I spend the next 10,000 glorifying Him. I pray that I would use the days he gives me for good and to love those around me well.

Todd turns 10,000 days old next January. Now that I can prepare in advance, I'm thinking we should have a big party!


In other news, Todd and I had a great Valentine's Day weekend. We have never really celebrated Valentine's Day. No fancy dinners or expensive roses. The fact that we spend the day together is enough for us. Todd did make me an amazing steak dinner at home and I baked cookies (although I had plans to make two fun desserts, it was so cold that I didn't want to go buy the ingredients).

We didn't need more sugar anyway. My Aunt Terry sent us the best Valentine's Day package, so we had plenty of goodies to snack on. She always spoils us on Valentine's Day. I hope we don't get too old for this tradition anytime soon!

We did buy one gift for each other. It might have just changed our lives. It's a head massager. Have you tried these? They're fabulous! Unless you're extra ticklish, then you should stay far away.

It's nice to be inside watching the snow fall, but I'm so ready for Spring I can barely stand it. I'm ready to get outside and start my herb garden once and for all. I never got to it last year, but I'm determined this year. This tutorial from Martha Stewart looks easy enough. I just need the temperature to get above freezing!

Here's to hoping warm weather comes sooner than later...


  1. That's so cool! Let's just say I'm a lot older than 10,000 - oh well, I missed it! :) Here's to spring - I'm already over the snow we got last week since it's almost melted and all gross outside :)

  2. Can we bring in the Gin Blossoms for my party? :-)

  3. I'm so glad for the 1,000 days (give or take) of your 10,00 that I've been a part of. Here's to thousands more.

    I love your Valentine's Day description. Sounds like it was perfect.

    And YES PLEASE to gardening! I can't wait to see your herb garden.

    P.S. Josh just realized today that we can access our window boxes, so I'd love to go flower & herb seed shopping with you!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to thank God for each day. How many of my 10,000 days have I spent whining, complaining, or ignoring God? Just so you know, there have been quite a few days.

    Enjoy counting your days together. :)

    Oh, and good luck with your herb garden!

  5. i have been dying to try one of those head massagers. darn it! why didn't i think of that?


  6. ha! just realized we lost one of those head massager's in our move. that was 3 years ago. Now I wish I had it.