February 4, 2010

Life In A Bubble

I didn't grow up in a bubble. I actually grew up in the very opposite of a bubble. My parents divorced when I was six. I didn't go to church regularly. My relationship with my high school boyfriend (who now, praise the Lord is my husband) got serious way too fast and we were way too young. The consequences of sin were very real to me. They were in my face daily. And although I was forced to deal with the consequences of my own actions and of those around me, I didn't know Jesus. I had a great childhood, but definitely not a sheltered one.

Flash forward to 2010. I now know Jesus. I love Him. I'm in love with Him. I couldn't take my next breath without Him. But somewhere along the way I packed my things and made a cozy little life inside the "Christian Bubble."

I have a husband who loves God with his whole heart. I attend an amazing church and am involved in a small group with other members of that church. Our best friends were introduced to us because of my old job at said church. I work in Christian music. I spend my days at work thinking of ways to market worship songs to other lovers of Jesus. I rarely, if ever spend time around people who don't know God. Sounds pretty great, right?

Yes, but something is missing.

Carlos Whitaker, a worship leader and an amazing communicator (who also has one of the best blogs - Ragamuffin Soul - I've ever stumbled on made a statement a few months back that hasn't left me.

"If all of your friends go to church, you need to make new friends."

His point wasn't that we need to leave the group of friends we currently have to make new ones; he strongly believes that community inside the church is pivotal to our growth as believers. What he is saying is that we weren't put on earth to spend all of our time with other Christians. Yes, iron sharpens iron, but how many people are not hearing the Gospel because we never leave the boundaries of our little bubble?

I practiced my best evangelism in college. Although I started my journey at Belmont, I quickly moved back home to attend a state school. I worked at the mall and other "secular" establishments. I met people every day who had known Jesus at one time or had never known Him at all. I was broken for my friends who were hurting and didn't realize they had help - a help nobody but their Heavenly Father could give. And I would tell them that. I was bold, people. Old friends from high school said I had "become weird." I was a Jesus Freak. I was proud of it. And it wasn't that I would just share Jesus with people I didn't think would judge me. I was telling everyone I could find about Him.

Those were the days...

Now I don't even really know people who have never heard of Him. The people I know do know Him, and sometimes that just makes things harder. When Christian friends let you down, it's much more personal. "They know better."

I posted a few days ago about needing change, and I think God is really tugging on my heart to get outside of my bubble. I don't know if that means a drastic change. I like the way things are for the most part and hope they will stay put. But I do think God wants me to dust off my boldness I sat on the shelf to reach His people. There is no better time than right now. It will be challenging for sure, but I'm ready to stretch myself.

So thanks to Carlos, I want to find new friends. And thanks to Bean (who just wrote one of the most honest, genuine, beautiful posts I've ever read: Jesus Is My Facebook Friend), I want to know Jesus even more so that I am equipped to tell others about Him.

How about you?


  1. Totally know where you are coming from on this one. I felt the EXACT same way a few years ago when I lived in Omaha and worked at a church...I realized how much I missed all of the relationships I had with non-Christians when I was in college (especially being at a secular University and in a sorority!)

    I made it a priority at the time I felt convicted about this to get involved outside of the "Christian Bubble" so i joined a volunteer organization for women that was in Omaha...it was such a blessing to be around people again who weren't believers! It took some time, but I developed some really close friendships with girls and I still keep in touch with some of them. I realized recently that since I've moved to Nashville- i'm in the same boat I was before. All my friends are church/work friends and I'm in a Christian industry again! Time to make an effort again!

    Anyways, I just wanted to encourage you in this! I think awareness of the bubble is the first step to popping it :-)

  2. I love you.

    This is making me cry (as in still crying right now as I'm typing). Your heart for Jesus and your love for people are just beautiful. You are such an inspiration.

    And this is some of my favorite writing of yours. Ever.

    You are a gift.

  3. I am so excited that we've all having similar conversations about wanting to know Jesus. That in itself is very encouraging to me. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog post! I am touched; truly, this is an honor. Thank you (not that it's all about me or anything). :)

    God is really stirring the pot these days but then again, He has been moving and shaking all along. I've just started to pay attention.

    This is going to be a wonderful adventure. I'm so glad I get to share it with you and everyone else. We should start a hungry hearts club. :)

  4. I was definitely not in a bubble growing up. Definitely more so now. To break me out, I always pick up a Phillip Yancy book. He has a gift of bubble popping:)

  5. I am really enjoying going through your blog. So glad I found you. Thanks for stopping by our blog as well!