May 5, 2010

Nashville: The Flood

I don't really have the words to explain what I'm feeling and thinking about the flood that hit the city I have called home for the last five years. Because Todd and I literally missed it, it still doesn't seem real. But it's very, very real. Since I'm having such a difficult time finding the words, I'll let my good friends Jason and Christi do the talking. If you have a minute, visit their blogs. They will inform and inspire.

Photos courtesy of the Boston Globe

In somewhat related news, Whitney D'Armond, a good friend of mine who currently lives in Houston just launched a brand new online magazine with her husband. One of her first articles covered the flood here in Nashville. I'm so proud of her for chasing her dreams and making them reality. Seashine is a great magazine for young women looking for great articles on food, fashion and more.

As the flooding in Nashville begins disappearing from the headlines, your prayers are greatly appreciated for those affected by this disaster. And if you're in the area and able, get out and help your neighbors. We are the "Volunteer State" after all.  If you happen to be out with a shovel and broom in hand this weekend, we might just run into you!



  1. My prayers are definitely with you, my dear Stepps and Rushes.

  2. What a brilliant idea - I'm definitely going to be checking out Seashine. And how wonderful of them to use it to help raise awareness.

    Be safe out there this weekend.