May 3, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Make that three. Todd and I just returned from a weekend beach trip to Seaside, Florida. It was a bit strange celebrating our anniversary early, but we returned home relaxed, renewed and red. We both got way too much sun at the beach yesterday. The funny thing is, the sun only came out yesterday and there were more clouds than sun. We were fooled and now we're paying for it. Note to self: wear sunscreen ALL the time!

The trip would have been amazing even if the sun never came out. We stayed in an incredible resort right in the heart of Seaside and the amenities were out of this world. Complimentary bicycles, kayaks, and more. We road bikes to nearly every meal. We were definitely able to disconnect from work and just enjoy our time together.

Friends and coworkers had told us about a little community just east of Seaside - Rosemary Beach. It is my new favorite place. Todd and I decided that we need to return year after year. Because I took so many photos, I thought a slideshow would be the best way to display them:

You'll notice a photo of Tracery above. I have been following the owner's blog for months. It was great to finally see the store in person. I could have bought everything in there! Blogging has made me realize just how small this world is. While in Tracery, the owner told me that another of my favorite bloggers, Two Ellie, would be in later that day. Too funny.

While our vacation was just what we needed, I don't want to minimize the fact that disaster was hitting our city while we were gone. One of the biggest floods to ever hit Middle Tennessee hit Nashville while we were gone. It feels surreal because the sun was shining when we left and again when we returned this afternoon, yet our city is underwater. Insane. Prayers are definitely appreciated for those who suffered loss and are continuing to lose their homes, cars, etc.

If you're in the Franklin/Nashville area and are looking for ways to help, here is just one of many places to visit for information.

We're so thankful for a weekend away to recharge, but we're even more thankful to return to a home that wasn't harmed by the storms. To say we're blessed doesn't even scratch the surface.

Be back soon...


  1. What a quaint little place! Looks like Europe! Glad you both had a special time.

  2. looks like y'all had the most wonderful time! i went along and babysat for a family this summer who was staying in rosemary beach. while we were there, we also visited seaside. i've really never loved any place more!!

  3. Oh how wonderful! LOVE Seaside! And that picture with the quote is amazing!

  4. I love your writing.

    Your pictures are breathtaking - I love that you & Todd got to spend a romantic weekend in a place like that.

    Also so glad your home was spared. My heart is broken for all the people who weren't. Thank you for using this platform to raise awareness and give people a way to be informed and to help.

    Love you.

  5. so wish I checked my emails sooner! I would have loved to have met. I love this place. I never want to leave every time we come.

  6. that looks so amazing! Is that seaside florida? I do want to go there one day! I'm glad you're well. I didn't realize you live in Tenn. My best friend lives there too! We may meet one day yet! :)