September 7, 2010

Labor Day Lessons

Todd and I had an amazing time in Missouri last weekend. I don't know if there is a better time to visit the Ozarks than when the weather starts to get cool. Life just slows down a little bit. While we always enjoy our trips home to see family, this time seemed especially special. 

A few things I learned this Labor Day:

1. I've lost my game. 
    I used to be somewhat of a putt-putt pro. Not anymore. I came in a measly 5th place!

2. I will never get tired of this view.
    Todd's parents are moving to the country. I can't wait to wake up to this!

3. Great meals don't always need a recipe. 
    Todd's mom and I threw this together in about 10 minutes. 
    All you need is pasta, shrimp, olive oil, artichokes, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.

4. Riding a Harley isn't so bad. 

5. I want one. Just like her. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I squealed a little at #5.

    You are gorgeous, all these pictures are so beautiful, you rode the Harley(!!!), and I miss your pretty face SO much, I can barely stand it.

    So glad you had such a good time, sweetie. Skype soon? ;)

  2. I say yes to #5!! :) Loving seeing your photos - doing good! Ash