September 14, 2010

Folly Beach

As I type, I'm sitting on a covered deck of the beach house that Todd and I are calling home until Saturday. The weather is perfect - not a cloud in the sky. At least a dozen dolphins just swam by in front of us.  I'm surrounded by the most amazing women, whom I'm blessed to call my best friends. All is quiet except for the sounds of crashing waves, Sarah Bareilles (and from inside we hear our husbands laughing as they watch Wedding Crashers). To call this a dream vacation really doesn't do it justice.

Below is a snapshot of our time so far in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina:





We're having an incredible time - and we have 3 days left!

Be back soon.


  1. lucky you guys!!! it looks amazing! soak up every minute! i heart charleston.

  2. That third picture is fantastic but they are all pretty awesome. Sounds like you had a LOVELY day.

  3. i adore charleston. i would live there if i could! you took gorgeous pictures!