February 28, 2012

A Baby Changes Everything

"I lead each of My children along a path that is uniquely tailored for him or her."    Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

Lots of changes are happening in our house. A couple I can't write about just yet, but I will. Soon. People say a baby changes everything. But it's true. A baby changes everything.

I knew our schedules would change. Todd and I go to bed when Crosbi does. Around 9pm. It's kind of sad, really. Some nights we'll stay up past 10 - oh boy! It's just that our little one wakes between 6 and 6:30am, ready for the day, and I stopped napping when she naps a long time ago. Her nap time is precious, not to be wasted on sleeping!

Our social life has changed. We used to go on dates all the time. When I was pregnant, we would go out for dinner three, sometimes four nights a week. That may not have been the wisest way to spend our money, but it's what we did and we enjoyed it. We haven't been on a date since Crosbi was born. What's crazy is that my biggest fear about having a baby was losing one-on-one time with Todd, but now our time as a family feels just as special as our former date nights. Friends have asked why we haven't gone out, and really, we just haven't felt like we needed to. When Todd gets home, he wants to play with his daughter, and I love watching them together. I'm sure as she gets older, we'll need our alone time. I would like to have bi-weekly, if not weekly date nights in the months and/or years to come.

Our spending has changed. We took a spontaneous trip to Atlanta a couple of weekends ago to do some shopping. I still had Christmas money and was looking forward to updating my wardrobe. But then I get to the mall where H&M and Gap Kids get the best of me. Do I need a new pair of jeans? Nah. Besides, it's so much more fun dressing Crosbi!

My goals and dreams have changed. This has been the biggest change for me, one I'm truly struggling with, although I think we have found a solution and I will write about that very soon. I've been spending lots of time seeking counsel and praying about returning back to work. I never could have imagined it would be so hard for me. I had a vision for my life. I knew who I wanted to be. Funny how God has a way of changing us.

I'll be back soon to share more of the change in our home. Until then I'll be praying, seeking wisdom from close friends and family, and doing my best to let go and let God take me down the path He has uniquely tailored for me. A path I never imagined.

Oh, and I'll also be kissing this sweet face! I love my girl!

It's past 10 o'clock. I better get to bed!


  1. I love reading these posts and seeing the amazing way God has shown you a brand new love :) It's pretty amazing... isn't it? Yes, dates will be important... in time. For now, the time you and Todd have with Crosbi is special. Randy is the same way when he gets home from a long tour. He doesn't want to "go out". He wants to be home with the kids, and me. As a family. Enjoy every second. Minute. Hour. They're the best gift God has given.

  2. Even the statement, "A baby changes everything" doesn't completely explain how much a baby changes everything! I remember noticing that even the way we brushed our teeth at night was different because we had a squeaky pipe that would wake Eddie up and all of the sudden our electric toothbrushes seemed so LOUD! Haha... I know exactly how you feel and I am excited to hear more about your changes!

  3. Excited to hear about your changes! I'll be praying for peace and clarity for you sweet Momma!! xx

  4. amen, sistah. it really does change everything - some really hard, some wonderful. our lives shouldn't be the same after a new, unique person enters it, ya know? loved hearing your thoughts and can't wait to hear more!

  5. Amen girl! A baby does change everything. What a blessing she is.