July 7, 2012

Playroom Dreaming

This September will mark five years in our home. In the past five years our house has remained largely undecorated for several reasons. One, I will admit, I have relatively expensive taste (I would recreate Pottery Barn in my home if I could!) I wish I was a flea market / garage sale girl, but I'm just really not. I do have those moments where I find a good deal on great pieces, but they're few and far between. That doesn't mean I won't go to garage sales or flea markets, I just go with extremely low expectations. Second, we have always been on a tight budget. The one time in our lives when we didn't need to be on a budget, I got pregnant. Which meant everything went to savings (unbeknownst to me at the time) so that I could stay home with my daughter. So, expensive taste on a small budget doesn't go far in the world of home decorating!

I'm fine with letting a room sit empty until I have saved for the items I truly want. I never feel like I need to throw something on the walls or buy furniture because it's on sale just to fill a space. I would rather save my money than buy something I will ultimately be unhappy with. But, I'm finding that I can't let a certain empty room in our home stay empty much longer. We are in need of a playroom and I've got the decorating bug, so it's time to get busy.

We have a bonus room that we have done nothing to. We've had lots of ideas. At one time we were going to make it a man cave with old sports photos and a wet bar. Then we talked about making it more of a media room with comfy furniture for our friends to hang out in while we watched our favorite shows. But a cute little brunette changed all of that, and now I can't envision the room as anything but a playroom for my girl. I want it to be her space, but not so kid friendly that adults don't want to hang out there. I'm thinking bright colors, fresh and airy, but clean and orderly.

While Crosbi napped I played around with an Olioboard and came up with something I think I could live with. It might take a little while (due to that pesky little budget issue), but I'm ready to get started. Plus I'm going to have two of my sisters visiting in a few weeks that are easily the most creative in my family. I'm totally going to put them to work ask them to share their creative expertise so that my empty room might become fun and inviting.

I'm hoping by the end of the year our playroom will look a little something like this...

Thoughts? Too much blue? I'm open to suggestions!


  1. P.S. You need to post a source list. I'm loving the ABC's print and the toy...I can't spell it. Ha!

  2. Jenn - I totally should have added a source list! I'll try to get to that soon, but until then, the ABC print is from Land of Nod (but you could totally make one from scrap fabric and a frame - definitely wouldn't pay $89 for it!! The toy is from allmodern.com, but I've seen them on Amazon. :)

  3. GORGEOUS! You can never have enough blue :)