December 8, 2012

Crosbi: 11 & 12 Months

It's true. It's been such a busy season that I'm having to combine months 11 and 12. Still, I'm doing much better blogging about Crosbi than recording everything in her baby book. This morning I flipped through it and noticed my last addition was during month nine. Oops. Good thing I can reference this blog and jot down all the notes I made here. If I have another child, that poor kid will be lucky to have a baby book at the rate I'm going.

We've been making lots of good changes in our home. Now that we're on the cusp of winter, we're slowing down and really enjoying our time as a family. Today I backed out of two of the three parties we were invited to. It pained me to do it. I love both of the hosts so much and I know I would have had a wonderful time, but today was the first Saturday in weeks that the three of us have been home, and the only Saturday this month to spend most of the day together. I had to draw the line. I'm also drawing the line when it comes to social media as well. I deleted Facebook from my phone. I was starting to feel so guilty for missing things. Birthdays, engagements, new babies. The thing is, most of these people are friends of friends or people I haven't spoken to in person for years. I can't beat myself up for not being in the loop. I decided that if it's imperative I know something, I have to believe that somehow I will get the news. I'm releasing the pressure and it feels so good. I still have my account and will take a look every now and then, but for now, Facebook is not a priority. Not even close.

Now to the good stuff.


*Walking! At this point, she's almost running. She took her first steps just a week after turning 11 months and has been cruising along ever since.
*She can tell you how old she is. Just say, "Crosbi, how old are you?" and you immediately get her little pointer finger sticking straight up to let you know that she is one. It's adorable.
*She can give you five, wave bye-bye, and when she's getting dressed, we say "arms up" and her arms go up to get her shirts on or off. 
*Crosbi wants so badly to be able to talk. She can now say mama, dada, uh-oh and ball. She understands several other words like paci, baby, and bottle, but can't quite repeat them yet.
*Girl loves to read. She received a box of Sesame Street books for her birthday and is obsessed with them. Each morning she goes to her bookcase and gets them down to read. She "reads" out loud and we love to listen to her sweet voice talk away.
 *Catch is one of her new favorite games. She played catch nonstop while we were in Missouri and still adores throwing and catching a ball. Today Todd got out his football for her to try. While it was a little tricky at first, she caught on fast. We definitely have a little tomboy on our hands and I couldn't be more proud.
*Weighing in at around 25 pounds and still eating just about everything in sight.
*Still my little cuddle bug. She now pats us on the back when she gives us hugs. Melt my heart.

I love that she is becoming a little person with a bubbly personality and a passion for life. Each day I'm excited to see what she will do next.

Sadly, this marks the end of my monthly post entries. But, I do plan to blog more in 2013 to record all of the fun new things my sweet girl is up to and to capture the memories we're creating as a family.

Until then, it may be a little quiet as we prepare for Christmas. Hoping to enjoy this season with my two loves and to start teaching Crosbi even now what this season is all about.

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  1. What a happy healthy little girl! She is just full of joy! Such a fun age too.