March 12, 2013

Link Love + Other Happenings

Since it's Tuesday,  I can't really title this post Monday Links, so this will have to do.  Actually, I forgot all about blogging yesterday because we were enjoying time with family on their last day in town. While Monday was a bit cold and rainy, Sunday was warm and beautiful and we spent lots of time outside. It was sort of nice having our warm day followed by rain. It meant we had to stay inside where we devoured the best kinds of comfort food, (my dad's biscuits and gravy will always be one of my very favorites) played board games, and just enjoyed spending time together. I never get tired of having my house filled with the people I love most.

While my dad was here, he made Crosbi the cutest A-frame tent as her Easter gift. We used this tutorial. I may have to make one for all my friends. 

Sometimes I have trouble determining my priorities. This helped.

I have always loved pop-up books. Crosbi does too. When she's a bit older, I'll have to add these pop-up books to her collection.

In which God does not want to use me.  I've never thought about it like that. Great post.

Emily does it again. Maybe it's just where I am right now, but her words are such an incredible source of encouragement to me.

This made me laugh. It also made me miss my old job, but mainly it made me laugh.

Happy Tuesday!

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