March 21, 2013

A Playroom Update

Last July I wrote about giving our playroom a makeover. That was back when Crosbi was barely crawling and I had a little more time to do things like daydream about home decor. The actual decorating part has been a slow process. For one, we are on a super tight, almost non-existent budget, and two, my daughter thinks naps are for the birds most days. All that to say, we're actually making progress. We have quite a ways to go, but I'm happy with the direction we're going in. I'd say we're 60% done. We need a few more things on the walls and one side of the room (not photographed) needs some major work, but we're getting there and most importantly, Crosbi loves to play in this room which is all I could really ask for.

I've stayed pretty true to the mood board I created last summer.

I tried to avoid too much pink in this room. Crosbi's room has enough pink for the entire house, and I wanted the room to feel youthful, but not girlie necessarily. Todd and I hang out in this room too, so I didn't want it to feel like a nursery either. That's not as easy to pull off as I imagined. This room does feel very childlike, though, so we've committed to making the downstairs living room more adult friendly. Basically all that means is that the toys stay upstairs. Most days. Except for her food and kitchen toys. Those are in the "real" kitchen so that we can cook together.

I love giant letters. They're cheap and easy to customize. They are now displayed in three rooms of our home. I got the ABCs at JoAnn.

The striped curtains were a Pinterest project that could have gone very wrong. Todd and I stayed up late one night painting the stripes. I might have stepped in the paint more than once. Thankfully they turned out exactly as I had hoped.

The framed children's records was an idea I stole from an ex-American Idol contestant that I follow on Instagram. You can literally find inspiration anywhere!

While the bookcase is filled mostly with Crosbi's toys and books, it contains a few of my things too. Like this adorable wooden sign from my sweet friend Renee. She gave it to me for my 30th birthday.

Just a few more accessories to help fill the room. I already have my eye on a print from Etsy to put by the door and some other ideas for the yet-to-be-finished side of the room. It may be the end of the year before we finish, but I'm in no hurry. It's fun to add things slowly, as we get to know Crosbi's personality and interests more each day.

The best part of this room - it has gotten me out of my boring, all neutral tones mode. I am loving bright colors these days!



  1. It all looks SO good. I love the colors you picked and how wonderfully it's coming together!!

  2. It's so beautiful!! Love the big letters and the pops of color.