July 20, 2013

Swan Creek

Just a short four-wheeler ride from Todd's parents and grandparents is Swan Creek. Todd has grown up on that creek and in the almost 15 years since we started dating, I've logged quite a few hours there as well. Our time is spent skipping rocks, roasting marshmallows, and sitting by a bonfire listening to Todd's Grandpa Joe tell stories we've all heard a hundred times but beg him to tell again.

Crosbi is finally old enough to really enjoy the creek. It's so fun watching her play in the water, splashing everywhere and getting anyone around her just as wet as she is. 

The light was perfect, so I grabbed my dslr. Some images just can't be captured by a phone. I may be a little biased, but I think these pictures of my girl are just the sweetest. I'm so thankful we have such a beautiful place to sneak away to when we visit family. Crosbi will make many memories on this little creek, I'm sure.


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