July 14, 2013

Missouri Summer

Crosbi and I are in Missouri this week. It was a little last minute, but we decided to take advantage of my flexible work schedule and hit the open road. This has been my longest non-holiday visit since moving away from my hometown nearly eight years ago. We are always in such a rush when we visit, it has been a wonderful change of pace to just relax, unwind, and immerse ourselves in a slower pace. People do things a little differently in the Ozarks - in the very best ways.

Our week has been filled with visits to the park, breakfasts on the back patio, dinners around the table, and so much more. I feel blessed and thankful that Crosbi is getting such invaluable quality time with my family, and soon with Todd's family when he joins us in a few days. 

While I could write more about our adventures, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


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  1. SO great! I know how fun it is to take your girl back to where you're from :) Hope you've had a wonderful relaxing visit. She is just too beautiful.