October 10, 2014

Thankful :: September 2014

It's October. How is it October? Summer ended and the days decided to go into overdrive. Now I'm having a hard time even remembering September! I'll do my best.

It's funny, I upgraded my phone last month for a better camera, but I took fewer pictures. I've been trying to be better about being in the moment and not pulling out my phone every five seconds. Apparently I've been doing too good of a job! 

In September we celebrated Todd's 31st birthday with close friends. Our group has become so large with the addition of kids that we basically took over a local park. The boys played bocce ball and the girls talked over coffee and hot chocolate. There was just enough chill in the air to make it feel like fall. 

BSF started back up and Todd and I are both working through the life of Moses. It has been really challenging already, but so encouraging. It's amazing to see how God works in the details. How he uses the unqualified and never gives up on us. Each week I anxiously anticipate what I will learn and what God will reveal to us.

My girlfriends and I kicked off a monthly girl's night. There's really nothing better than sitting around the table with ladies that know just about everything about you. Quality time with by best friends is one of my most treasured gifts. 

Luckily I didn't go the entire month without pictures! 

I'm thankful for the next generation. Hanging out with friends looks a lot different these days, but I love seeing smaller versions of all of us doing life together.

For family. Todd's parents visited this month and we had a great time exploring new places, eating good food, and just enjoying each other's company.

For amazing weather. Fall is definitely my favorite season. It has been wonderful to spend most of our days outside. 

For small town festivals. Our town has an annual Dog & Pony Show. For real. But it's actually super cute. Crosbi wasn't sure what to think about this guy!

For little girls. It is all Elsa all the time around here. Crosbi already picked out her Halloween costume and she wears it daily. 

For the cutest little firefighter you ever did see.

You were good to us, September!


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