September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend :: North Carolina Style

Todd and I took the long holiday to visit my mom, her husband, and my sister in North Carolina. Since we had to cancel our big beach trip this year because of home repairs, we decided to extend our usual trip to North Carolina and spend a couple of days at Carolina Beach. It may not have been a week on the water, but it was just enough. We felt rested and relaxed and Crosbi had so much fun playing in the ocean.

When we left the beach, our water fun wasn't quite over. We went out on my mom's boat and when it got too hot, we all jumped in the lake. Crosbi played and swam so hard that she fell asleep in my arms before we made it back to the dock.

This past weekend was such a great way to wrap up summer. I feel ready to pack up all our summer clothes and toys, pull out sweaters and scarves and welcome in fall. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to see my family, and the fact that they live in such a fun place to visit is icing on the cake.

Farewell, summer. See you next year!


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