January 11, 2015

Thankful :: December 2014

Nothing like posting a recap of December during the second week of January! I almost made one of my goals for this year to blog more. Then I thought...who am I kidding? This year could be a bit crazy. We're preparing for crazy, anyway. So instead of making blogging more a goal, I'll just be pleasantly surprised if I record more of our memories here than last year.

December was a complete blur. I know it's that way for everyone. So many activities, dinners, celebrations. Throw in shopping, wrapping, and lots of travel. It flew by for us.

This past year was really special. It wasn't the easiest year, necessarily, but I think we really found our groove as a family. As a couple, Todd and I were intentional about spending time together, but also spending time doing things we love as individuals. He spent time with friends and time on the water in his new kayak. My girlfriends and I started a monthly girls night, I went away on two girls overnight trips and I felt less and less guilty for sneaking away for a cup of coffee or a walk around Target on my own. I'm hoping for much for of that in the year to come.

Last year we made growing in God's Word a priority. BSF changed and challenged us and really set the tone of the conversations in our home. I've loved the She Reads Truth studies and Todd and I feel much more equipped to share God's truths than we have in years past. 

December wrapped up 2014 nicely with time spent with friends and family. A busy, but beautiful month.

I've so enjoyed this Thankful series. On hard days, it's nice to look back and remember all of the good that happens in my life that could be easy to overlook. I thank God for the many blessings in my life, the memories I cling to when life throws curve balls. I'm really excited about 2015 and all that it could bring. Even if it's predictable and uneventful, but resembles 2014 even a little bit, I'll be more than grateful.

Goodbye, 2014. Thanks for being so good to us.


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  1. I love reading your blog to keep up on your life in TN.