July 11, 2015

Crosbi Says...

Just popping in for a quick update. Life has been cray-zee. I have said yes to too many of the good things, but I'm not completely certain they're the best things. Being an adult is for the birds sometimes. But we're all still alive and kicking and trying to enjoy this summer amidst the craziness. We just got back from a beach trip to see my mom in North Carolina and now we're anxiously waiting to move into our home. We're less than a month out and couldn't be more excited. Life is good. It's messy and hard at times, but we're healthy. We have a roof over our heads and family and friends that love us. It's all so good.

You know what else makes life so good? Conversations with my daughter. Man, she's the best.

When she's not making up songs to sing (her lyrics are very much inspired by One Direction). She's saying things like...

"If I see a bug, I'm going to get my shoe and dead it."

Me: Crosbi, where's your dad? (Knowing he's in the other room).
Crosbi: "He's probably in a meeting."

"In the new house, I think God and Jesus are going to give us a dog and a cat."

Crosbi's preschool just started show and tell on Tuesdays. Crosbi tells me she loves bringing her toys to "Show Hotel."

Speaking of hotels, we're currently living in an apartment, but we have stayed in a few hotels this summer. A couple of weeks ago, Crosbi let me know that she told her friends at school we live in an apartment, and sometimes a hotel. Her sweet teachers probably think things have gone from bad to worse over here. Too funny.

This might be my favorite age yet.

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  1. HA! Oh my, I love 3 year olds so much! Can't wait to see pics of the new house :)