July 11, 2009

Rachael and Ria

As I mentioned last time, this week is about to get crazy. But before the craziness begins, I wanted to start off the weekend with a nice breakfast with my hubby before I take off for four days. While Todd was still asleep, I grabbed my Bible and journal and headed downstairs to make coffee and read. I desperately seek God's grace and strength when I face stressful situations. Even good stress. My body doesn't handle stress well. Mentally, I'm pretty good at juggling lots of different things, but I know I'm stressed when my body reminds me. I knew my quiet time today was crucial.

When Todd and I were in Atlanta a couple of months ago, we ate at Ria's Bluebird and Todd had the best strawberry pancakes. The closest recipe I could find was from Rachael Ray, so I made her version. I also whipped up some orange-maple butter I found from Bakerella.

I whipped up the pancake mix and added the strawberries.


When the pancakes were done, I covered them in the orange-maple butter, syrup and more strawberries. Yum!


Pretty good start to the day if I do say so myself. I'm off to speed clean before Tim and Tracy get here, then we're off to PM for sushi. Let the good times begin!


  1. YUM-O!! Most definitely try to plan a trip! When you go, e-mail me...I have LOTS of fun suggestions+must-sees!! take care! Julie