September 15, 2009

Happiest Place On Earth

We're back! After a 6 day trip to Orlando, I'm finally home. Sleeping in my own bed. It feels good to be back.

I must admit, it was pretty great to be "working" from Disney World. I really am blessed to work with such amazing artists who continue to make me fall in love with my job when at times I want to run away from it. I even had the chance to get to know a co-worker better (we make great roomies we've decided), so overall it was a really good trip.

Todd arrived in Orlando on Saturday morning and we immediately hit the parks. It was his birthday afterall. Todd had never been to Disney, so it was really fun watching him experience it. For two and a half days we were able to be kids again. It was a really nice break.

We started things off at Magic Kingdom.


Todd and I joined two of my coworkers to ride one of the roller coasters. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My boss Steve is terrified of roller coasters, but we convinced him to ride one of the easier rides. Todd and I both had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. Steve screamed like a little girl the entire ride, shouting "lordie, lordie, lordie." So funny.


Todd and his Pooh. This was supposed to be a funny Twitter joke. I'm sure you get it. :)

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom. It was by far our favorite park. If you love zoos and theme parks, you're in luck because AK has it all. I worked up the nerve to ride another roller coaster. I hate roller coasters. Hate them. But I wanted Todd to have fun, and asking him to ride alone wasn't acceptable. I'm still pretty impressed with myself for getting on the thing!
animal kingdom coaster

We wrapped up our Disney adventure at Epcot. Again I faced my fears and rode a new ride called Soarin'. I had to ride it twice because the first time I was too scared to enjoy it. We made a date night out of our visit and ate dinner in Japan. If you're not familiar with Epcot, there is an area of the park that represents countries from around the world. The detail is pretty amazing and for a moment, you really feel like you have traveled overseas.


I would like to say that everything about our trip was perfect, but unfortunately I lost my driver's license, so getting back to Nashville was not the easiest. I was almost in tears as security searched me. I'm just hoping there is nobody in Orlando pretending to be me!

I'm so thankful that Todd and I were able to go on a fun trip for his birthday, but I'm also so glad to be home. The cooler weather makes me want to cook warm dinners (I've found some great fall recipes that I'm excited to blog about), curl up on the couch to read good books and spend nights at home watching new TV shows with our closest friends.

That reminds me, I can't forget to set the DVR for The Office!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time! We are headed there w/ all my fam over thanksgiving. I cannot wait to take Jeff to Disney. Unlike Todd, he's been there once, but when he was like six. So he doesn't remember much. I love Disney! And good for you for riding the rollar coasters! Can I ask one quetsion - what ride did you ride w/ Steve? :)

    Also... if you need any companions/ginny pigs/etc for your fall plans, you just let me know! ;-) Ash

  2. I LOVE the animal kingdom and I've been craving a Disney trip! OH i wish I could go!

  3. So glad you had fun! You sure do travel a lot. Hope your license finds it's way back to you :) I'm loving this fall weather's my favorite!

  4. sounds like such a perfect trip, Tara!! I'm way impressed that you rode all those roller coasters! So glad you had so much fun (and that you guys are back). :-)