September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend '09

Something happened this Labor Day weekend that I wasn't expecting. Something so frightening I can barely type it. I realized Todd and I are probably ready to be parents. Not what you were thinking I was going to say, huh? Now I'm not saying I'm anywhere near ready. I'm a planner and it's just not in the plan yet. But I started thinking and honestly, we could do it. We both have good jobs. We bought a house that we could see ourselves starting a family in. We can actually afford childcare, especially when my amazing friend Christi says she would watch our baby for free! She may have been partly kidding, but what she means is that we would have help.

So where is all of this coming from? I met her.

London Sidney Rozell.


I couldn't keep my hands off of her!



Todd likes her too.


I have said I'm waiting until I'm 28 and I am sticking to it. Wow, that's only a year away. So, maybe 29!

We really had a great time visiting family. My dad and Todd's mom celebrated birthdays at the end of August, so while I packed and waiting for Todd to get off work last Friday, I thought I'd give my mixer a whirl and make some birthday cookies. I tried a new recipe and I don't think I'll use it again. The cookies were just a bit too sweet for me, but it was fun and I didn't have to arrive empty handed.


I'm back in Nashville. Doing what I do best...packing. My awful job requires that I spend the week at Disney World. Ha! I have a week full of meetings, but Todd is joining me in Orlando on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. I will have updates and pictures soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


  1. NOT kidding - I will cover your baby in kisses every single day for free.

    [And I'm holding you to 28, Ms. Planner.]

    I hope you two are able to find a way to enjoy yourself at Disney World this weekend!

  2. Don't fight the feeling! No doubt motherhood is one tough job, but what a delight and blessing as well! In my humble opinion ;) no one will ever be "ready" for parenthood. Planners and perfectionists be ware {I know nothing about either of those things.}! I know you guys have a wonderful group of supportive friends who will be there when you are "ready" : ).
    That little bundle of sweetness is too cute - I want to eat her up!
    Have fun on your trip!!

  3. Tara...

    Thank you so much for your comment...Yes, I believe Brandon came from my area originally??? Atleast that's what I think I remember. I do know for a fact that he was at Malibu camp in Canada (a young life camp) a couple years ago when my husband was there!

    And my husband and I always said we would wait till 28 till we had kids...well, he turned 28 yesterday and 29 is looking better and better ;o)

    Have a great day!