January 21, 2010

Southern Flourish

I had a surprise in my inbox this morning. At first I thought it was spam, but I'm glad I took a closer look. It was an invite to check out a new online magazine, Southern Flourish, that just launched its first preview issue.  It took all of 5 minutes to get me hooked on this new publication. The first issue is a 40-page preview, (it's being used as a tool for advertisers) but the first full edition, with nearly 150 pages will be available March 15th.

Think Southern Living for women in their 20s and 30s. It obviously targets us women in the South (Nashville, Charleston, Atlanta, New Orleans) but the photos and articles are appealing for all.

Hooray for free (yet really good) online magazines!


  1. ooh love this!! and the pages that you showed are both by some of my favorite bloggers:)

  2. yay!! i'm really excited too! it's going to be amazing!! xoxo

  3. It's amazing, I'm already a big fun!
    Love your blog...No frills or game! Love the simplicity!
    Come to visit me!

    Have a nice week!