April 25, 2010

Cozy Lunch Meets Big Night Out

Last week seems a bit like a blur tonight. GMA (Gospel Music Association) Week was in full swing, although not nearly as busy as in years past. It was a blast as usual, but the late nights caught up with me and I'm just now feeling rested. When did I get so old?

Todd and I hit our favorite spot, the Franklin Mercantile for lunch before the events began. I knew our time together during the week would be few and far between, so a weekday lunch date was necessary.

Throw in an afternoon spent with Michael W. Smith...

A night to get dressed up for the Dove Awards...

Plus a Friday night BBQ spent with great friends and a lovely baby shower on Saturday, you've got a fun-filled week.

I'm giving the blog a little break this week. Todd and I are heading to Destin for an early anniversary getaway. I'm realizing just how fast this year is flying by. I feel like I just wrote about how it would be seven weeks until our trip, and here it is. We're both more than ready to disconnect from work and e-mail and enjoy time together (white sand and fresh seafood sounds pretty nice too!).

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Have a GREAT getaway and enjoy your time together!!

  2. i love your dress for the awards! and i'm sooo jealous of someone who gets to go to the beach, enjoy :)

  3. Um, so we are so eating there when I come visit one day (sooner than later)!