December 5, 2010

Cross Country Update and Cookie Swaps

Last Thursday I left way too early in the morning for a 5am flight to Los Angeles. The next day I headed to New York. Because of some unfortunate events, I ended up in New York City alone after the band I had traveled with returned home. With several hours to kill, I decided to visit Manhattan solo. My hotel was five miles from the city and I couldn't leave without seeing "The Tree" or the storefronts on 5th Avenue. I have to admit, I was nervous. I don't know my way around Manhattan all that well. I can get myself to Anthropologie and Dean & Deluca and that's about it. I had never hailed a cab on my own. Just the thought of it made me consider hiding in my hotel room until it was time for my flight. But after a pep talk from my husband, I got over my fears, called a cab and was off to the city. I found a great little cafe for brunch. The artichoke and sun dried tomato frittata was incredible, not to mention the organic homemade breads. As I sat at my table with warm tea in hand, watching the people walk by, I felt confident and independent. I was handling myself well for a country girl from the Ozarks.

I strolled leisurely up and down 5th Avenue, taking in the unbelievable storefront windows. Such exquisite attention to detail. I stood for quite some time watching the ice skaters in Rockefeller Center, telling myself that I would be back to skate with my husband one day.

New York in December really is as magical as everyone says. I truly hope to celebrate the season there with my family someday soon.


Changing topics just a bit - this year I have been invited to two cookie swaps. I'm struggling with recipes because my last two attempts at desserts have not been successful. I'm not much of a baker. I think it's because the measurements have to be exact and the timing must be perfect. I get distracted easily. But I must bring something, so during my long hours in the airport, I found a few cookie recipes that might do the trick.

Todd would love these Chocolate-Espresso Snowcaps.
Recipe here.

These Honeyed Almond-Cherry Shortbread Cookies look delicious.
Recipe here.

Recently I've had a slight obsession with Earl Grey tea. These Earl Grey Tea Cookies might be perfect as I'm sure they will be a nice compliment to the warm drinks that will be served.
Recipe here.

I'm so thankful to be home, pondering over cookie recipes and not stressing about flight connections and early call times.

I want to be very intentional with my time these next few weeks. This year has been challenging to say the least, and I want to go out strong. I don't want to spread myself so thin that I'm not able to soak in the precious time I have with family and friends.

I want to live in the moment and be, not do.

Now back to those cookies...


  1. I LOVE NYC in the winter- I can't think of a better place to feel all "Christmas-y". Your sister and I went to that cafe you discovered in Durham- it was AMAZING. Thanks for knowing better places than we do, in the city we live in :)

  2. So proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and doing some exploring! I haven't been to NYC at Christmas time, but even in April there is something mystical about it. And way to be for trying different cookie recipes - they sound delicious!

  3. I am so proud of you! All it takes is that initial step. :)

  4. So proud of you for taking Manhattan on and working it. Like it's your job.

    And love that you say you're not much of a baker and all your reasons. I'm pretty sure that's one of the things we have in common that makes us such great friends. Although the cookies you picked look amazing, and I'm pretty sure you worked those too. Like it's your job. (Although this one wasn't.)