December 22, 2010

Wordle: Blog Edition

One of Joy the Baker's readers created a wordle from words most often used on her blog. I was unaware that you could do that with a blog or website, so I was interested to see what the results from my blog would be. The bigger the word, the more often the word is used.

I love that the word used most is "thankful." This past year has felt more like a fog, a year I've been wishing away. But in the midst of crazy, sometimes difficult seasons, I had much to be thankful for. Such a good reminder.

I also noticed that the name Jesus is smaller than I would have hoped. I'll definitely work on that in 2011. If I have so much to be thankful for, the credit should be going to the one who provides all good things  - my savior, Jesus Christ.

And "cookie" is the second most used word? Really? That explains why my jeans have felt tighter this year. Maybe I'll cut back after the holidays. Maybe.

I'm getting so excited for Christmas!

I'm also really excited to see Garth Brooks in concert tonight.

(Highlights from our Christmas vacation to come!)


  1. OK so I just made on of these for my blog & cookie was one of my top words too. I think it must make this based on fairly recent posts...because I'm pretty sure that other than my one post on the cookie exchange- I never have used that word in my blog. It also had "Caroline" in teeny letters...implying that I don't say her name often. IMPOSSIBLE!

    :-) Hope you enjoyed Garth Brooks!!

  2. Traci - I think you're right. :) But it's still fun. And I agree, if it captured the entire blog, Caroline would be HUGE! Merry Christmas, friend!

  3. How cool! I'm a little nervous to see what my wordle will look like. It'll probably just say GIRLS and BABIES. Oops. Maybe I will do it. I'm just too curious NOT to.

    My "Jesus" would probably be so small you couldn't even see it; know you're not alone. Thanks for being honest about it because your honesty gives me courage to be, well, honest with myself.

    Also, I think it's SO APPROPRIATE that "cookie" is GIGANTIC. :D Cookies = happiness!

    Who cares if pants fit more snuggly? I made a girl in the fitting room stare at my crotch (in pants) the other day to make sure I wasn't showing my goods. And then I said, Oh Lina--just buy the size that fits!

    And I did.

    And my crotch looks appropriate in my new bigger-sized pants.

  4. I just love that "cookies" is also quite healthy-sized. ;)

    But really, after "thankful" and "cookie," your "home" this "year" was a place where you made "time" for "family" (including the grateful chosen kind)... and "cookies."

    And Jesus is in the center.

    I say you did 2010 right.