July 25, 2011

The Registry

In the last couple of weeks, Todd and I have pretty much completed our baby registry. I know we won't have baby showers until September or later, but it's nice to check off a big to-do list item. While I was really looking forward to going crazy in stores with a scanner, we actually registered for most items online. It was just so much easier to read reviews, search safety features, etc. as I was registering instead of guessing at the store. I just hope my family and friends won't shy away from online shopping!

I tried to do a lot of research before selecting items. I read many baby blogs and leaned on friends to find out what worked best for them. The registry check-list was so overwhelming. The list I used had 250 items! Before I even got started, I probably crossed off over half of the items that either seemed unnecessary or were items I could get later or borrow from friends. 

We registered for all of the basics (crib, pack n play, car seat, stroller, receiving blankets, etc.) But there were a few items that had rave reviews from moms that stood out to me. A couple were items that I feel will give me some peace of mind as I enter this adventure called motherhood. 

The Miracle Blanket

I first heard of The Miracle Blanket from one of my favorite bloggers, Erica at Urban Grace Interiors. She says, "Beware of impostors... This is the one and only swaddle blanket." Since reading her blog I've read dozens of great reviews. Thanks to Amazon.com I was able to add this to my universal registry. There's even a great little youtube video here showing it in action. 

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

I have a bit of a split personality. I am super organized at work. I pride myself on being one of the most detail-oriented in my department. But get me home and my brain shuts off. Just ask my dad. He loves teasing me for forgetting things because I do it ALL the time. That's why this Itzbeen timer will be great for me. I can never remember where I placed my keys, how will I ever remember when I last fed or changed the baby? Thanks to Itzbeen I won't have to! This great little timer lets me keep track of feedings and changings with the touch of a button. I'm not required to remember anything. This I like!

Angelcare Deluxe Movement & Sound Monitor

Before I even found out I was pregnant, I knew I would want a movement monitor. These monitors detect your baby's breathing and sound an alarm if they stop breathing for more than a few seconds. I'm not a person who can go without much sleep, but I'm also a person who worries. I know I would be that mom that stares at her baby to make sure she is breathing all night, and would then pay for it in the morning. This is a great item because it also serves as a sound monitor (which I would also need) and will give some extra peace of mind when we put the baby down for naps and bedtime. 

Those are a few of my must-haves. Any items out there that you mom's found life changing? I'm open to all ideas!


In other news - I sort of fell in love with Jenny McCarthy this morning. I've been a little down in the dumps about my weight gain. I've gained nearly 18 pounds in 24 weeks. Thankfully I've plateaued a bit, even losing a pound, but last month I gained 7 pounds in 3 weeks! I have stayed the same weight for the past 3 weeks or so, and hoping I level out this trimester to get back on track for the third. I'm definitely seeing it in my face which was the one place I hoped I wouldn't gain. That's why Jenny made my day. She tweeted a photo of herself when she was pregnant in 2002 - and had reached 211 pounds when she delivered her son! I have no intention of gaining that kind of weight, but she did make me feel much better about myself (especially when you see how she looks today!) Thanks for the confidence boost, Jenny!

We'll hit 24 weeks this week! She'll be here before we know it!


  1. I agree with you on the movement monitor... I'll have to keep that one in mind! I WAS that Mama that slept with her hand in the bassinet to make sure that Asher was breathing all night.
    And yes... I have never been a skinny mini, but I gained quickly the last part of my pregnancy. I nursed it ALL off plus about 25 pounds. So... your body is very resilient!

  2. That's so encouraging, Emily! I definitely plan to nurse. I've got the lactation consultant's number already in my phone. I'm that determined! :)

  3. The miracle blanket was our "Miracle" with Caroline! You will love it for so many reasons Tara! She could be fussy, fussy and tired and we would put her in her miracle blanket to put her down for bed and this calm would wash over her! She loved it! You could just visibly see her relax and know it was bedtime! Such an exciting time for you both!! Enjoy!
    Stacey Matlock

  4. The audio was Raising Girls by John Eldredge!