August 4, 2011

25 Weeks & A Reunion

Last weekend Todd and I drove to Missouri for my my ten year high school reunion. Seriously, where has the time gone? Ten years. I feel old. We had debated whether or not we would go, with the heat and me being nearly six months pregnant, but we decided we should go and I'm so glad we did.

It was really great to step back in time, but to also pick up right where we left off. I don't see my high school girlfriends much at all. Facebook has been a great way to keep in touch, but sadly I can say that periods of a couple years or more would go by without us seeing each other. Even with the distance apart, those girls are my sisters. They still know me as well as if I had never taken a step out of Ozark. 

The week I found out Todd and I were having a girl, I texted my friend Ashley. We hadn't spoken in a few months, but I wanted to fill her in on the news before we announced it publicly. I texted "It's A Girl!" Within minutes she called me back. The first words out of her mouth: "You wanted a boy, didn't you?" Although there was some truth in that, her comment made me laugh. We have known each other since we were five years old and although we had never talked about my preferences when it came to children, she just knew. She spent the rest of the conversation explaining that she initially felt the same way during her first pregnancy and couldn't be more thrilled that she had a little girl first and that I would feel the same way. I already do. I'm head over heels in love with our little girl, but it was so nice to hear her words of encouragement. Todd and I don't have any plans to move back to Missouri in the near future, but should we ever decide to go back, we know we have a group of friends that will warmly welcome us back into the family.

In other baby news, I have become very aware of my new pregnant body. I know that nobody wants to hear a woman complain about the weight she has put on while she's expecting, but lately I have wanted to wear a paper bag over my head when I leave the house. I think half of the nearly 20 pounds I have gained are in my cheeks. Need proof?

Me almost two years ago (September, 2009).
My cheeks were still round, but there was a little definition.

Here I am a couple of months ago at 15 weeks pregnant.

I noticed the biggest difference this past weekend. I barely recognize myself!

I realize weight gain is healthy during pregnancy and I'm sure my face will go back to normal - it's just hard looking at this new person in the mirror! However, I will say that I'm loving my new hair. I have never had thick hair before. I wish my new locks could stick around after the baby arrives, but I'll go back to stringy hair to have my old cheeks back! 

It will be completely worth it, I'm sure of it.

Little girl in my belly, I sure love you a lot to let you do this to me! 


  1. Great post, Tara! I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's because I would like a baby of my own sometime soon, but I just adore reading your blog! :) I saw Todd's little comment on facebook about how you asked if your face was getting fat, and just laughed, because you are clearly all belly and look GORGEOUS!!!! Pregnant really looks good on you!

    I have to say that my favorite part of this post is not looking at your cheeks, but looking at how Todd's hairstyle has changed over the years! What was he thinking in 2009?!?! lol. ;)

  2. Hey Tara! Congratulations on being pregnant! I'm so happy for you and Todd. I'm about 7 weeks ahead of you with a little girl too! Looking forward to following your updates! :)