November 10, 2011

39 Weeks (and counting!)

I have done a horrible job of blogging this last trimester. For one, I've been awful at remembering to take pictures of my belly. I know I'm going to regret that. I was uploading photos and posted a belly pic from 38 weeks and realized the last belly shot was from 31 weeks. A lot changed during that time!

Todd and I have been staying busy. I have yet to experience the crazy nesting urge, but I have been wanting to get the house ready. The nursery is practically finished. The walls are bare, but I want to fill them with photos of Crosbi, so the "big reveal" may still be a few weeks away. I figure I'll have lots of time on my hands during my maternity leave, and I can get the room just the way I want it instead of throwing things on the walls just to feel like I finished it before she arrives. Add in the fact that Pinterest is daily giving me new ideas, I don't feel so bad in taking my time!

Yesterday I had my 39 week doctor's appointment. I was really hoping to have made some progress since I hadn't made any at 38 weeks. Unfortunately I was told again that I have not dilated at all. I'm glad friends had told me that being checked can be really uncomfortable. I went in prepared, but left sore and crampy. Just a sign of things to come, I suppose! Thankfully the baby is head down, she just hasn't dropped yet. I'm hoping the full moon tonight will be enough of a gravitational pull to get her in the right direction. We will see! I'm just hoping she's not packing on the pounds these last few weeks. I was nearly 10 pounds when I was born, and I'm not too thrilled about the idea of delivering a large baby. But more than anything, I just want her to be healthy. It's crazy the fears that can fill your mind as you near the end. I've definitely had a few breakdowns when I start to think about labor and delivery and meeting my daughter for the first time. It's really overwhelming. 

In other news, since I'm feeling fairly confident that I may go late, I've accepted the fact that I may spend Thanksgiving in the hospital this year. Because of that, I'm already getting excited for Christmas. It will be so wild to have a baby in the house this year. One of the things that always gets me in the holiday spirit is buying new Christmas ornaments. A few years ago I decided to go all silver and gold on our tree and I still love the way those colors look together. While shopping for ornaments isn't the best way to spend our money right now, I lucked out with a gift card and coupon to Pottery Barn and gave myself a little retail therapy. 

Plus, I had to get Crosbi her first ornament, right? 

Anyone else in the holiday spirit? Maybe I'm just needing a really good distraction these days!


  1. We are very much in the holiday spirit! We are moving this week and planning to set up our Christmas decorations right after. Having a warm and new house to decorate... I'm just beside myself!
    I keep looking for updates on this sweet girl's arrival!
    You can never tell when or how...
    Praying for you and the weeks to come!!

  2. You're almost there! Probably good to assume you might go a little late so you're not disappointed if you actually do! :) I am so excited for you and all that is to come! Yes, we've been in the Christmas spirit here too - already busted out some Christmas movies and music and it's not even Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh my goodness I love that stick reindeer ornament, where is it from?

  4. I'm excited to see Miss Crosbi and her new room!!! I think it's AWESOME that you will get to celebrate the holidays with such a precious gift! I am excited about the holidays but typically procrastinate (oops). I'm trying to be better about getting in the holiday spirit sooner! (I'll eventually get it right.) :)