January 30, 2013

Growing Like A Weed

It seems like I blinked and my daughter grew up before my eyes. The days of swaddling and tummy time seem like a distant memory. Crosbi is learning new things each day, and each day I can't get enough of her. My mother-in-law used to always say that when she had my husband she knew she would love him, but never realized how much she would like him. I can totally relate. It may just be Crosbi and I at home most days, but I've never felt lonely. Sure, I miss adult conversations and time to myself, but I've never felt alone. She's my buddy and she is so much fun.

While I decided not to continue with the monthly reports on her, I want to be sure I write down what my girl is up to these days.

She is talking so much. She says Mama, Dada, Bye-Bye, Hi, Ay-Ooh (thank you). Her favorite has to be No, which sounds more like Nee-yew. It's hilarious. And my favorite, Idd-tee (Itsy), for when she wants to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. She can do the motions to the song too. Melt me.

Girl is a pro on my iPhone and the iPad. We now have to completely keep them out of sight or she has a meltdown when she can't play with them. We've created a bit of a monster.

I didn't use sign language with her as much as I would have liked to, but she signs "more" and "all done" at meal time. She occasionally signs "all done" when I'm changing her diaper. She's not a fan of diaper changes.

Bath time is a hit in our house. On really cold days when we're stuck inside and we've played with all the toys and crafts, she has swim time in the bathtub. She loves filling and pouring cups of water, and these days gets pretty upset when it's time to get out. At least I have a clean baby, right?

With the good comes the not so good. If she happens to have her paci when she gets upset, she throws it as hard as she can. Really, she tries to throw anything in sight. And it's not just things. She also throws herself backwards when she doesn't get her way, but after hitting her head a couple of times, she learned her lesson. Now she catches herself with her hands and throws herself in slow motion. Oh, the drama!

This is Crosbi doing her "scary" face. Oh, that child.

Loving these crazy toddler days!



  1. I love this! So much of this sounds familiar :) Welcome to the wonder of toddlerhood and the drama too - haha!

  2. I whole new set of challenges and joys come with toddler-hood. She's a hoot!