January 16, 2013

His Promises

One of my New Years resolutions is to really dig deep into God's word. I briefly mentioned that I am participating in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year, but it deserved more than just a quick mention. I am learning and growing each week as I study scripture. We're working through the book of Genesis, and while most are familiar with the stories in Genesis of Adam and Eve, Noah and others, there is so much more to take away.

For me, I am being constantly reminded that I can trust God's word and promises. In Genesis 15, God promised Abram, who at the time was in his late 80s, that he would have an heir of his own flesh. It can be so easy to read the promises He made so long ago, yet difficult to believe He would still makes promises like those to us today. But we must believe it.

And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith. (Gen 15:6).

I don't think for a second that many people are reading this, but if you are, I just want to remind you that God is true to His word and His promises and He honors our faith in Him. While the verse above is to show that Abram was ultimately believing that Jesus would come from his lineage, I believe this story shows us that God fulfills all of His promises, big or small. Today I'm clinging to that thought. Years ago, God made a promise to me and two years later fulfilled it in my life. I'm believing today that this promise still stands and that there is no expiration date. What promise are you believing God will fulfill today?


Speaking of promises...

She's a pretty cute little promise if you ask me.



  1. Oh yes, I loved this past lesson. Isn't it just amazing how God uses such ancient words to speak to our lives today? And that photo of Crosbi honestly couldn't get more adorable.

  2. Love this reminder, Tara. Thanks for sharing what you're learning. <3