February 18, 2013

Monday Links

I just returned home from a long weekend visit to North Carolina to see family. I really had a great time. One day we're playing at the park overlooking a gorgeous lake, the next day we're bundled up watching a snowstorm. And I thought the weather in Tennessee was strange!

On Saturday my mom kept Crosbi so I could have a day to myself. I almost didn't leave because of the snow, but my soul needed it. Are the terrible ones a thing? Could it be that my daughter just wants to get a head start on the terrible twos? She has been Jekyll and Hyde lately and it's wearing me out. I was so thankful for my mom and the much needed mini retreat. I drank cups - yes, cups - of warm chai, drooled over new cookbooks, and took my time doing a little retail therapy. Crosbi got lots of good one-on-one time with her Grandma, and lots of snuggles with her new cousin. It was a win-win.

Later that evening I was telling my mom about how all of my favorite bloggers are releasing their own books, and she asked me how I found all the blogs I read. Good question. The answer is pretty simple. I started reading one blog, that author introduced me to her favorite bloggers, and pretty soon I had a blogroll of 50 go-to blogs. I thought I would start linking to a few of my favorites on the web to repay the favor and to give my mom (and anyone else) some online reading inspiration. In no particular order...

A dare and a promise every woman should read.

I love the idea of capturing One Day and turning it into a photo (or Instagram) book.

Raechel perfectly describes my current relationships with the women in my life here.

This site+app has changed how we eat and grocery shop in my home. I actually enjoy meal planning again!

I think I need to decorate with plates.

Olivia makes February look like the perfect time to visit Charleston. But is there really a bad time?

A cup of tea always hits the spot when reading. I want to give this recipe a try.


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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are in what is considered "the terrible twos"It is actually from the time they turn 1 till their second birthday then..gasp they are considered "preschoolers" I still can't wrap my head around my 2 year old being a preschooler! It all goes too fast! One of my favorite blogs to read is finding my feet, which I first discovered through you :) Enjoy that little girl terrible "twos" and all (and maybe a few more cups of tea :)