February 23, 2013

So Long Winter

The first day of spring may be just shy of a month away, but we're already embracing the season in the Stepp house. I love fall and can confidently say it's my favorite season, but spring is a close runner up. I think I'm especially looking forward to it this year with a toddler in the house. She has a fierce love for the outdoors and I want to spend as much time as possible letting her run wild outside.

We're also referring to this year as the "Year of the Farmer's Market." We thought really hard about joining a CSA, but we're not quite ready for that kind of commitment. We want to do a test run this year by hitting our local farmer's markets as much as possible. This way we'll still be supporting our local farmers, but we can have a bit more control of what we purchase.

We kicked things off today with a visit to the Franklin Farmer's Market. It was still a little chilly outside, but we shopped long enough to grab some red new potatoes, rainbow carrots, and fresh tilapia from Gulf Pride Seafood - a team of guys who drive to the Gulf and bring back fresh seafood weekly.

Crosbi enjoyed every minute of it.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm with you! I'm so ready for Spring!!! The weather has been so on and off here in MO this winter. I think this is my favorite outfit of Crosbi's!

  2. SUCH a cutie. LOVE rainbow carrots!