May 26, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Huntsville, Alabama (part 2)

It's Memorial Day Weekend. Most people are hitting the lake, maybe even the beach. Some are lounging by a friend's pool or camping. Under normal circumstances we would have been doing some version of those things. Our intentions were to be lakeside with friends, but it has been crazytown at the Stepp house, so this weekend we were not like most people.

We spent 24+ wonderful hours in a shopping center. Just feet from H&M. Who does that? We do! And it's not the first time. Nearly four years ago I wrote a similar post. Funny enough, it's my most visited/searched for post. Anywho, with so much happening lately (traveling, family in town, work stress, etc.) I wanted to sneak away from home where I wouldn't be tempted to do housework or check e-mail. I didn't want to think about cooking, instead I wanted to have my choice of outdoor dining. So that's what we did. We packed our bags and headed to Huntsville. We parked at the hotel and didn't get back in our car until we were ready to go home. We did a little shopping, a little eating and a lot of relaxing. We may have only been a little over an hour away, but we crossed state lines, so our getaway felt legit.

When I was growing up, my mom was always surprising me and my sisters with little getaways to hotels where we would spend a night or two and play in swimming pools we had almost entirely to ourselves. I loved the spontaneity of those getaways and hope to have similar adventures with my family. There's just something that says "vacation" when you're not sleeping in your own bed.

Whatever you're doing this holiday weekend, hope you're spending it with the people you love.


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  1. Want to gobble that pointing little finger up! And I am SOOO jealous you were by a H & M!