June 25, 2013

Final Stretch

We are nearing the end of Crosbi's cast wearing days. When the doctor said three weeks, it didn't sound so bad, but then we got into it and having a toddler with a cast is not easy. We're definitely ready for her to be able to get in water without tying plastic bags around her arm. And while we're excited for days spent at the pool, we're more ready for the ease of everyday activities like bath time.

Crosbi has been such a trooper and has handled her broken wrist like a champ. She has never complained about her cast. She'll occasionally say "off" and tug at her arm, but she's never gotten upset. I can't wait to celebrate the day the cast comes off. Until then, I want to remember this short season in her life. I know she'll tell her friends all about how she broke her arm when she was a baby. I'm sure she won't remember it, but it will still be a good story to tell. And what's a story without pictures? I have to snap them while I can. Crosbi's cast comes off next Monday. We can't wait. 

One more week and our summer really begins!


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  1. I love that one in the swing! She's such a beautiful girl!!