January 18, 2014

Thankful :: January 2014 Edition

I've made the statement a couple of times this year that 2014 is happening at me. It seems like we've been living with the fast forward button on. When life gets chaotic, it can be easy to take it for granted. But stopping, even just to give thanks, is good for the soul. It gives me just a moment to look around and inhale. To breathe in and cherish this life that I get to live.

One of my new favorite blogs is Today's Letters. Em often writes posts she titles "Gratitude Lately" that I always enjoy. I'm going to borrow her idea as a way to pause and give thanks for the little things that can often pass me by. Here goes!

I'm thankful for a warm home during this frigid "polar vortex!" Crosbi and I pass the time playing one of her new favorite games, Memory. 

For Pinterest and recipes that become keepers. This ravioli soup hit the spot. 

For footie pajamas and a toddler who makes me laugh. She was helping me make breakfast and thought we needed a bowl of "chicken milk." She's the best.

For warm days in January and small town churches with red doors that make the perfect backdrop for Valentine's Day photos. 

For much needed time outdoors at one of the best little parks around. 

Lots to be thankful for!

Happy weekend!

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