July 1, 2014

Girls Weekend | Jennifer Turns 30

“If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.” - S.E Hinton

As we get older it becomes more difficult to make friends. The demands of careers, family and other responsibilities don't give us the flexibility to be out and about meeting new people. It's even more rare as we age to come across people who within months become one of our best friends.

I've mentioned Jennifer before. We worked for the same company, but on different floors and knew each other by name only. But when we learned that we were both pregnant and both due with our first child within days (four days to be exact) of each other, we quickly became inseparable. Every doctor appointment, every symptom, every craving we experienced together. When our babies were born we became even closer. Again, every milestone, every new challenge, every sleepless night we had each other to lean on. So of course my heart broke when she and her family moved to Colorado nearly two years ago. But thanks to the wonder of social media and technology like Facetime, our friendship hasn't skipped a beat. 

For Jenn's 30th birthday her husband surprised her with a trip to Nashville to spend the weekend with me and to see her friends and family. It felt as much my gift as hers. To celebrate we took a short road trip to Alabama. On our way to Huntsville, we made a stop in Mooresville, Alabama, which Southern Living magazine named one of its best small towns in the south. I can easily see how it made the list. So much beauty and history and the sweetest people. We could have sat with the girl working at the coffee shop all day. I called Todd and jokingly told him to look at real estate. Although, I was sort of serious. This is the kind of town I want to grow old in for sure.

We stayed up way too late laughing about the most ridiculous things. We ate good food, went shopping, even saw a movie, which is such a treat when you have kids. Although, Jenn and I totally felt out of our element when we couldn't figure out how to purchase tickets. The theater had assigned seats. Is this a new thing? It made for some good laughs for sure.

On her last day here, I surprised Jenn with a small birthday gathering with old coworkers and friends. I hope she left knowing how much she's loved.

God has blessed me with such incredible women in my life. My girlfriends here in Nashville are much more like sisters than friends. I still stay in touch with my high school and college friends. I don't take these friendships for granted at all. But I love how God can continually bring new people in our lives that forever shape us. 

Thanks for a great weekend, Jenn! I miss you already and can't wait for our next adventure together.


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