June 23, 2014

Thankful :: June 2014 Edition

June isn't quite over yet, but I know how easily the days can get away from me, so I thought I would go ahead and take a minute to reflect on the month. June has been lots of things. It has been hot. Really hot. It has been busy, but relaxing.  It has been filled with community in many ways and I'm so thankful for that.

There was a time before Crosbi that we could easily fill every night on our calendar. Then Crosbi came and we slowed down, stayed home more, and spent many evenings as a family of three. It was definitely needed and often necessary, but we're on the other side and it's nice to be out and about again. This month we have been on fun date nights, gone out with new friends, and have spent lots of time with the friends we've had for years. We have opened up our home and enjoyed late nights at the homes of others. We've hit the pool, taken a road trip, and have slowly figured out a summer routine. I finished my study of 1 and 2 Peter and have just begun an in-depth study of Titus. Each day I'm becoming more and more passionate about God's Word and can't get enough of it. Because of that, June has also been filled with lots of prayer. What do I do with that passion? What's next for me? Only time will tell.

June has given us many things to be thankful for.  

Like early morning strolls around the neighborhood.

Sand boxes and a girl who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Discovering new-to-us parks that have merry-go-rounds.

A CSA that feeds my family (and the cat that lives on the farm to entertain my child!).

My sleeping beauty. I can watch her sleep for hours. Maybe that's why the days get away from me!

Our neighborhood and the sno-cone truck that visits on hot days.

Local music festivals and a girl who always has time to sing and dance.

Kiddie pools and giggles on summer nights.  

My heart is full.

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